So now we are hearing talk about the Barack Obama administration considering to use an executive order to increase taxes. Does the US Constitution matter at all anymore? Apparently not! broke a story about how the White House is exploring the idea of using executive actions in new an exciting ways to bring about more Socialism. How can one operate a dictatorship with a pesky Congress always stirring up trouble? We′ve seen this before. Despite a judge blocking the Obama executive order on illegal immigration, the Department of Homeland Security still managed to issue some 100,000 illegal aliens amnesty. The EPA is still busy closing power plants via regulations, since, as Obama put it, utility prices must increase. The FDA is making life hell on restaurant owners through regulations. The FCC is trying to take over the World Wide Web through Net Neutrality. Even the ATF is going after the Second Amendment banning the sale of ammunition. All in a day′s work for National Socialism!

Maybe I′m being a tad hard on Obama? Then again, maybe not! He does seem seem content to have a legacy of seizing control of only 17% of our economy with Obamacare. Of course, on that one he had the help of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid along with House and Senate Democrats. At least they actually voted on a law. But Obama does not have the luxury of a Congress that rubber-stamps his stupid ideas anymore. So if he wants to close loopholes and increase how much taxes small business owners pay, he′ll have to go it alone.

Let us take a closer look at, say, the new restrictions by the ATF on ammunition sales. Bad enough that the Obama administration has been trying to simply buy up all the ammo being produced to deny citizens the right to defend themselves. The first type of ammo on the chopping block are the SS109 and the M855 rounds. These are the 5.56mm NATO rounds used by the most popular semi-automatic rifle in the country, the AR-15. The ATF claims that the rounds are ′armor piercing′ and are a threat to police officers and federal agents because they can be fired from some pistols. The ATF says that they are basing their regulation on a law passed in 1986 which does ban handgun ammo which can penetrate ′soft′ body armor.

The rounds in question have a polymer tip, green in color. The ATF also claims that the bullets have a steel rod which allows them to be armor piercing. Well, folks, here′s the truth. The polymer tip improves both the accuracy and the over all safety of the ammunition. When one is hunting game animals, you do not want your rounds to tear right through a beast and maybe hit something else down range. A ′Full Metal Jacket′ bullet could do just that! A polymer tipped round still allows good ballistic performance as far as flying true and straight, which ′hollow-point′ rounds are less likely to do. Yet, like a hollow-point, once it hits its intended target, the bullet distorts and should remain in the target.

True, it can go through body armor, but so can a very large range of ammunition. Much of which can be fired by handguns, though these are typically very expensive pistols and usually can only fire a limited number of rounds, often just single-shot. Not exactly something your average street thug would be walking around with. As for the steel rod issue, think about this. Many specific types of handgun ammo now come in ′solid shot′ versions, which strike a target with two or three times the kinetic energy, making them ideal for hunting game animals. A solid shot 9mm round has the same, if not more, kinetic energy as a .44 magnum. Plenty to take down a wild boar, or even a bear.

If Obama could use an executive order to ban the sale of AR-15s, he would do so, and still may try to. The Liberal Media, along with Progressives like Harvey Weinstein and Michael Bloomburg, hate the AR-15. Why? Because it is so popular. Just about anybody who has served in the US military the past 50 years has experience firing them. They′re familiar with the controls and feel of the rifle. The AR is also pretty simple to disassemble and maintain. Its lightweight and easy to shoot, ideal for beginners. The reliability of the weapon has improved leaps and bounds from the early days of Vietnam when many soldiers hated the M-16.

So there is no truly valid reason to ban the ammunition that the ATF is doing. There is no valid reason for why Obama to use an executive order to raise taxes. The US Constitution forbids that from happening. But the Constitution means nothing to Obama. If he could take over everything, including the Internet, with executive actions, he would. One way or another, Obama is trying to do just that.