The ′Big News′ of the day will be Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Congress speech concerning Barack Obama and the Iran nuke talks. The White House is less than pleased that John Boehner invited Bibi to appear before a joint session of Congress. Speaking before AIPAC yesterday, Netanyahu assured the audience that he respects Obama and the office of the presidency. But, he warns that while American politicians talk about the security of the United States, politicians in Israel deal with their nation′s very survival. Approaching critical mass is the potential that Iran may only be months away from having a nuclear weapon. The current talks being with Iran, led by Secretary of State John Kerry, seem to be more about appeasement than providing security, let alone survival.

Last week, Kerry defended the negotiations, citing a familiar line from the Obamacare Days. Seems that we may have to approve a treaty before we know whats in it. Some possible details may have been leaked, such as a 10-year ′sunset clause′ that pretty much would allow Iran to do whatever it wants in a decade. More problematic is a new report by the United Nations from the IAEA stating that Iran is not permitting inspections of some aspects of their weapons program. In particular, their explosives experiments, needed for detonating a nuclear device.

Add to that this weekend′s ′live-fire′ war games held by Iran where they tested a new missile to sink a mock up of an American aircraft carrier. One can only read that as a direct message that they are not afraid of us. Obama is afraid of Israel, according to a report from a newspaper in Kuwait. The story is that last year, Obama threatened Israel not to attack Iran and their nuclear facilities, even to the point of telling them that we would shoot their jets down. This brain-fart of an idea allegedly came from none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter′s old national security advisor.

Despite the rhetoric coming from the White House and their gang of liars, the Obama administration has not be very chummy with Israel, especially with Netanyahu personally. Obama, himself, got caught on a ′hot-mic′ gaffe, expressing his displeasure with the Israeli PM. Who can forget when Obama cut a meeting short with Netanyahu to have dinner with his family, and doubling the insult by having Bibi put outside the White House via the backdoor, near the trash bins. Even Hillary Clinton joined in the act, lecturing Netanyahu over the phone for 45 minutes about building settlements along the West Bank of the River Jordan.

Is it any wonder that at least 55 Democrats and all of the Obama administration staff will skip the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Congress speech? Sure, they′ll play the game at AIPAC for fund raising campaign money. But Barack Obama, the White House and Democrats in general could care less if Iran develops nuclear weapons and uses them, as promised, against Israel. Secretary of State John Kerry doesn′t seem to mind. I′m sure that Obama′s closest advisor, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, doesn′t mind either. They would probably love to see Israel reduced to a glow-in-the-dark wasteland. But the American people feel otherwise, which may explain why Netanyahu has better favorable numbers than Obama in many polls.