CPAC 2015 ended Saturday with a whimper, not a bang. Rand Paul won the CPAC straw poll for a third time in a row with about 25.7% of the vote. Scott Walker, who probably gave one of the better speeches at the conference, came in second with 21.4%. Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson followed them with 11.5% and 11.4% respectively, and poor Jeb Bush took 5th place with just 8.3%. The rest of the deluge of GOP hopefuls lagged well behind with none above 5%. But it may be the A&E, ′Duck Dynasty′ star, Phil Robertson, who wowed the crowd at CPAC with his remarks about how he blames hippies for STDs and gave John Boehner a verbal ′hot foot′. He also referred to the Barack Obama White House as being full of ′non-Christians′. Needless to say, the Liberal Media is all aghast by this.

Bless his heart! Phil Robertson has the luxury of age and wealth to say whatever he wants to. Telling attendees at CPAC about how hippies are responsible for sexually transmitted diseases is like Big Bird telling a bunch of pre-schoolers that yellow is a cool color. The audience loved it and that′s fine with me. But has the Conservative Political Action Conference, sponsored by the American Conservative Union, jumped the shark? Was there any point to them having another straw poll for Rand Paul to win?

Being objective, I have to say ′No′. Rand Paul isn′t going anywhere beyond the Senate just yet, if ever. He should just accept that and focus on doing good work in the Senate instead of trying to run for president. Just think where we might be today had some rational, elder Democrat had said the same thing to Barack Obama 7 years ago. But then, Obama is such an egomaniac that he probably would not have listened anyway. Some of us have the talent to play on the field and throw the football. Some of us do best cheering the team on from the bleachers. Rand Paul is not quarterback material. He′s a better assistant coach, reminding the rest of the players what the game is all about. Just in that Paul is heads and shoulders above Obama, who couldn′t carry a bucket of water, let alone Harry Reid′s baggage.

So were you inspired by CPAC 2015? Did the Phil Robertson speech at CPAC motivate you to buy a haz-mat suit to wear around hippies? Are you pleased, or bored, by Rand Paul winning the CPAC straw poll again for the third time? Have you decided on an early favorite for the GOP presidential primaries now? Does Scott Walker float your boat? Or do you find Jeb Bush more digestible? Sort of like white bread soaked in milk. For myself, I could barely watch some of CPAC, especially the segments with Sean Hannity. Is there no avoiding this meathead?