On Friday I was very saddened to learn that Leonard Nimoy had passed away. But as his most famous character role, Mr. Spock from Star Trek, would say, he lived long and prospered. He lived to the fine age of 83, well past the average for us human males. Nimoy died from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, which is no fun at all. I suffer from that myself. I′m having some chest pains right now while writing this. Its a fairly common disease, or actually, a combination of several diseases affecting the heart and lungs. Nimoy became an icon of popular culture playing Mr. Spock, the half-human, half Vulcan science officer of the starship USS Enterprise on Star Trek from 1965 through 1967. The show was so loved, even after being canceled, that a series of films were made for the big screen.

As a ′Trekkie′, I could go on for hours and thousands of words, recalling those great Spock moments. Such as in first season episode, ′The Naked Time′ when Spock became infected with a disease that caused his suppressed, human emotions to surface. Or his fun poetry in ″I Mudd″ where he described logic as a ″pretty flower that smells bad″. Perhaps the best scenes of Spock were his witty banter with Dr. McCoy. We can probably sum up his role as his buddy, William Shatner, playing Captain James Tiberius Kirk said at the end of the movie, ″Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn″. Spock had died while saving the Enterprise from the Genesis device and as Kirk bid his friend ado, he described Spock as ″the most human soul″ he had ever met.

Many of you may not realize that Spock was not the only alien role which Leonard Nimoy played. He once played a Moon man in one of the old 15-part, Commander Cody serials from the 1950s. Nimoy played many roles in his long career, and later went behind the camera, producing and directing films and TV shows. Life had been good to him and he made the most of it. But the public loved him best as Spock.

So farewell, Leonard Nimoy! You brought us many happy hours of entertainment. Perhaps more importantly, you brought us also new perspectives. Insights of ourselves through your characters. Mr. Spock of Star Trek certainly provoked many people into looking at themselves and life in general from a different angle. Nimoy turned the role of an alien from outer space into a reflection of what being human is. Spock showed that being a ′stranger in a strange land′ wasn′t so strange after all.