Late Friday night, as a stop-gap measure, the House and Senate passes a DHS bill which will fund the Department of Homeland Security for 1 week. The DHS was to run out of money at midnight, which would have led to some 30,000 of over 200,000 employees to be furloughed. The Senate earlier had passed a ′clean bill′ which would have funded the DHS through September, but the House is standing firm thus far on attempting to block the Barack Obama blanket amnesty executive order. Naturally, the White House wants the Senate bill as the Obama administration believes it will be able to overturn a federal judge′s ruling against the executive action on illegal immigration. Nancy ′Koo-Koo-Clock′ Pelosi supports the Senate Democrats and RINOs like Susan Collins and Mitch McConnell against John Boehner, who seems to be trying to be in favor of upholding and defending the US Constitution.

I watched C-SPAN yesterday during and after the House voted on another bill Friday afternoon. As phone lines were opened to take calls from viewers, we had the usual wave of idiot Democrat callers trashing John Boehner and House Republicans. The Democrats chief talking points were that the GOP were not elected to uphold the rule of law under the Constitution and continued to promote the lie that what Obama did was no different than what Ronald Reagan and Bush-41 did. They either have forgotten or are deliberately distorting history that the executive orders Reagan and Bush-41 issued were ′patches′, or fixes to the Immigration Act of 1986 which was properly passed and made law by Congress. Obama, on the other hand, is attempting to write law himself, much as a king or dictator would do.

But the hypocrisy which I found truly amazing was how all of the sudden, Democrats are now worried about our national security and the need to fund the DHS. Especially considering that the DHS was created by a Republican House and Senate and promoted by the evil George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Ask any Harvard law professor, or any professor at Columbia University, and they′ll tell you that there is no need for the DHS as the 9/11 attacks of 2001 were a ′black flag′ operation orchestrated by Bush-Cheney with help from the nation of Israel. Have we not heard in recent weeks, even days, that terrorism is not am existential threat to America? That the world is safer now than ever before? Who needs the DHS anyway?

Of course, the Democrats are again full of BS on this matter. They simply cannot say ′No′ to any form of government bureaucracy, especially one which has the power to spy on citizens and take away our rights, such as what kind of ammunition we can purchase for our firearms. Now we have Obama trying to use the DHS to ′transform America′ demographically by setting the stage to flood the country with 30-50 million illegal immigrants who will not only get a blanket amnesty but also a $35,000 check from the IRS for never paying any taxes. Makes sense to the Democrats, though I fail to grasp the value of such reasoning.

None dare call it treason? Barack Obama and the Democrats are traitors, whether by deliberate means or under the umbrella of insanity. There simply is no rational reason for their position on this subject. In a recent Pew poll, even some 60% of Hispanics are opposed to Obama′s immigration policies. A growing number of African-Americans are, too, as well as members of labor unions who are afraid of the impact on our economy. Thanks to Obama, job creation is slow at best and a flood of cheap labor will only make things harder for law-abiding citizens. In many urban areas, some civil rights groups have become concerned over the reallocation of funds diverted to help illegal immigrants instead of helping the poor and needy legal citizens.

So where do you stand? Are you happy how the House and Senate passes a DHS bill for an extra week to prevent a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security? Do you agree with Nancy Pelosi that Barack Obama should have his way and be able to write laws without Congress? Or do you side with John Boehner in his efforts to block the White House from its abuse of executive orders and actions? Illegal immigration will be a hot issue in the 2016 elections, so this topic will not be going away any time soon.