What a difference a day makes! Or a degenerate mind. Barely 24 hours had passed from when Secretary of State John Kerry testified before Congress about how we are safer than ever from terrorism, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Congress that 2014 was the deadliest year ever and that the threat to us has never been higher. True, Clapper is a slippery fellow, but he had numbers and facts to back himself up this time. Unlike John Kerry who just regurgitated whatever Barack Obama and his gang of White House liars told him to say. Perhaps Kerry missed taking his meds the other? He looked unusually bad, even for him! I think the 1960s have not only caught up with Mr. Ketchup, but have passed him by.

Supporting Clapper was the Director of the FBI who explained that they are watching suspects being radicalized by Islamic terrorist websites in all 50 states. Just three weeks ago, he said that ISIS, or ISIL, had active cells in 49 states. His latest revelation came on the heels of the arrest of three suspects allegedly plotting to join ISIS in Syria and return to commit acts of jihad here. If they couldn′t leave the US, then their ′Plan B′ was to try and kill Obama, or some police officers or FBI agents.

Of course, we also had earlier this week a new threat from a Somali terrorist group, Al Shabaab, calling for attacks on Western shopping malls, specifically naming the Mall of America in Minnesota. The group had originally been linked to Al Qaeda, but some believe that they have switched sides and joined up with the Islamic State. When they are not busy attacking shopping malls in Africa, al-Shabab has been known to kill thousands of elephants in order to sell ivory on the illegal black markets.

So what do you think? Whom do you believe? John Kerry or James Clapper? I′m leaning towards Clapper on this on this time. Kerry is just saying what the Barack Obama White House wants him to say, which is always a pack of lies. Clapper might be going for some payback after Obama threw him under the bus last August after the Islamic State started making videos of them beheading hostages. Obama will never except any responsibility for his failings on fighting terrorism. He′s gutless, Obama won′t even call it for what it is, Islamic terrorism. American citizens will never be safe so long as Obama remains in power.