The race for the White House officially begins today as the American Conservative Union launches its CPAC 2015 conference. Many GOP hopefuls will speak at the annual event, testing the waters for their pending campaigns. A new poll shows Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker leading the pack with Dr. Ben Carson and Jeb Bush close behind. Tea Party favorite, Rand Paul barely got 4% in the poll. Mike Huckabee won′t even bother going to CPAC. With just some 30 weeks before the first, official GOP presidential debate, Republican candidates need a good showing at CPAC if they hope to raise money and win supporters as the primary season nears. Will you be watching CPAC 2015 live feeds and choose a candidate this weekend to support?

So as billed, this is an ′Open Thread′ piece, meaning that you may comment on any topic that stirs your soup. I picked the CPAC 2015 conference as a topic since it is timely and important. But there are a lot of topics out there to choose from. I try covering what I can, but this week in particular has been a bad one for me. My normal schedule has been totally disrupted when a nurse practioner failed to see me on Monday. The whole day was shot and has set off a domino effect of disrupting the rest of the week, which was already full with other home-care visits.

My sleep pattern suffered and this morning, I woke up about 2am, barely getting 3 hours of sleep. The dummy nurse who stiffed me on Monday is now rescheduled for Friday, even though he was quite rude about not making a simple phone call to inform me he was running late or couldn′t make his appointment with me. I think he just wants to come here now so the company he works for can charge their fee. The more I think about it, the more I feel like canceling.

Enough of my troubles! Are you excited about CPAC 2015? Or are you more upset about Obama vetoing the Keystone XL pipeline for his buddy, Warren Buffett? I have to say that after reading Obama′s excuses for the veto, he truly is insane. Violated procedures? His own administration has approved the pipeline six times already in the past 6 years! Security issues? Pipelines are far more secure than a railroad. Safety? Pipelines are far more safer than rail transport. Environmental issues? There are already 71, count′em, 71 existing pipelines over the same territory. They haven’t polluted the aquifer. As usual, its just Obama telling more lies.