Hail King Ragnar! May Odin and Thor guide your sword. Last night on the History Channel was the Vikings Season 3 premiere. Once again we journey back to the 8th Century as Ragnar and his merry bunch of Norsemen set sail for new adventures. You don′t need to get on a ′high horse′ or search for subtle nuances to understand the Vikings. If you have something they want, you have two choices, trade or die! So allow me to recap what happened in last night′s episode.

I love this show! You can′t get much better than Vikings when it comes to high adventure. We pick where Season 2 ended with Ragnar now a Viking king. He and his ex-wife, Lagertha, now an earl in her own right, return to the Kingdom of Wessex to collect on King Ecbert, whom had promised 5,000 acres of choice farm land. Meanwhile, Ragnar′s eldest son, Bjorn, is having some issues with his lady, Porunn, who wants to follow in Lagertha′s footsteps as a shield maiden. She is one tough chick with a whole lot of attitude.

Arriving in Wessex, the Vikings learn that those Norsemen left behind to help the Queen of Mercia died when the Queen′s uncle and brother usurped her throne. So Ecbert wants Ragnar to help her out and retake the throne before handing over the promised farmland. Ragnar is reluctant, but what the heck, it would be a shame to travel all that way and not kill somebody. Ecbert also requests that one prominent Viking, Lagertha, remain behind to help him deal with his own nobles, as well as Athelstan to stay with him to give advice. The deal is agreed to and the fun begins.

King Ecbert rides along with Lagertha to the farmland, being quite enchanted with her. This may come in useful as plots back home are being hatched to murder her. Ragnar and his group sail up river into Mercia with the Queen and find the enemy split in two along both banks of the river. He chooses to attack her uncle, first and achieves a victory. The Vikings draw plenty of blood, even Porunn scores many kills to her credit. With the uncle dead, the Queen′s brother watches helplessly on the other side of the river. How long will he last? Can he talk his way out of sharing uncle′s fate?

Who can say? One thing is certain, the Vikings Season 3 premiere on the History Channel was excellent! I am definitely looking forward to more fun with the Norsemen. Spoilers show that the city of Paris is on the itinerary for our Viking tour. We also see that King Ecbert continues to cozy up to Lagertha, a fortunate fellow he! So break out the rune stones and sharpen your axes. Thursday nights are going to be a lot of fun again!