On Wednesday, Day Two of the Barack Obama summit on violent extremism, or CVE, became more like PMS as Obama still will not recognize it, Islamic Terrorism, as a religious issue. Fine, we′re not at war with Islam, nobody on our side said we were. But to try and dismiss the reality that the terrorists think that is foolish and delusional. So too is the attempt by Obama yesterday to ′double-down′ on his idea of Muslim outreach, using job programs and affirmative action to employ more Muslim police officers and teachers as a solution to stopping terrorism. I′m just guessing here, but I suspect that there already are plenty of Muslim police officers and teachers in countries like Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, etc, etc, etc. For Obama to even mention this is sheer lunacy!

Perhaps even more telling is that the White House has yet to release a list of whom was invited to attend the 3-day conference. Thanks to Twitter, we know of one guy there, none other than the American Islamic cleric, Salam al-Marayati. He tweeted a photo from the first day of the summit when Joe Biden was speaking. Salam has spoken out many times before in sympathy for the radical Islamists and even once accused Israel as being behind the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001.

Obama once again tried to defend his reasoning for not calling the Islamic State, or ISIS-ISIL, out as Islamic extremists. He again tried to blame the whole matter on the media. On Tuesday, Obama′s partner in crime, Eric Holder, specifically named Fox News for ginning up controversy over the Obama administration shying away from using terms like ′Islamic radicals′. Seems that Holder hasn′t read the Atlantic Monthly lately, nor even watched MSNBC this week. Even the New York Times today torpedoed the Obama notion that jobs and poverty-fighting programs are part of the solution. On the front page is a news story about two men from well-to-do families who converted and became radicalized to the Islamic extremist viewpoint of ISIS. So much for that Obama narrative.

One good thing has come out of the Obama summit. Dr. Michael Savage now agrees with ME! The host of ′The Savage Nation′ has often said that Obama is a genius, a very clever fellow who plays 3-dimensional chess while John Boehner and Mitch McConnell play checkers. I did not watch Obama′s speech yesterday but I did listen to Savage as he did a running commentary while broadcasting Obama. Dr. Savage has FINALLY realized that Obama is a moron! A very stupid idiot! A brainless buffoon rather than a maniacal mastermind.

If we cannot stop the Islamic State from establishing a new, global caliphate with jobs and affirmative action, then how do we stop them? I′ve been saying all along since 9/11 that we need a two-prong strategy. A military component to kill as many of the terrorists as possible while we establish a religious component. We seek out some genuine, reform-minded Muslim clerics and set them up with satellite TV, etc, sort of like a Islamic version of the 700 Club. To counter Islamic terrorism we need a counter-religion element.

Trying to separate religion from the equation, which Obama is attempting, is avoiding the root cause of the problem. As I have mentioned many times before, the latest wave of Islamic terrorism evolved out of the anti-Zionist movement connected to the eventual forming of the nation of Israel in 1947. The most significant changed occurred in the 1970s as some radical Muslim clerics became inspired by the old Hal Lindsey best-selling book, ″The Late Great Planet Earth″. Prior to this book, ′conservative′ clerics interpreted the Qur′an the old fashioned way, where their version of Satan, the Dajjal, as an individual person. After the Lindsey book, the clerics adopted the concept of Satan, the Dajjal, as a system.

For example, Lindsey promoted the notion that the European Union was ′The Beast′. In Dajjalism, the West is looked upon as the Dajjal. No longer is he an one-eyed gentile. When you dig into what is motivating Islamic terrorism, be it Al Qaeda or ISIL-ISIS, the apocalyptic viewpoint is quite clear. They believe that we are headed for a final showdown between Islam and the West in 2076. Plenty of time to reestablish their revived caliphate of a thousand years ago.

Ignoring this as Barack Obama is doing at his White House summit this week shows us either a lack of intelligence, or intestinal fortitude by Obama. Even more absurd is when he said yesterday that now is not the time to be politically correct. Obama is being politically correct as he avoids calling identifying the threat for what it is. Ah, but that is what Liberalism is all about. Try to fix a problem with a solution that brings about the opposite result. A jobs program that costs more jobs than it creates. A health insurance program intended to give more people better health care that actually provides less care to fewer people. It goes on and on. This why Liberalism is a mental disease, turning people into mindless idiots like Obama.