Shoes for Industry! Shoes for the Dead! I don′t believe that even the old comedy troop, the Firesign Theater, could come up with a better parody than the actual Barack Obama administration plan to confront the Islamic State. The White House won′t even recognize ISIS or ISIL as being followers, how ever misguided, of the religion of Islam. On the MSNBC show, ″Hardball with Chris Matthews″, even Mr. Tingles was taken aback by State Department spokes-idiot, Marie Harf when she said we cannot stop terrorism by killing all the terrorists. That the only way to defeat them is to give them jobs. My reaction was to nearly barf at Harf!

I′ve already gone on the record, just in the last week, saying that Obama is driving me to vomit. Now this gem! What can one say about an administration that thinks Egyptian Coptic Christians were beheaded at random because they were merely citizens of Egypt. Even the goofball, Socialist pope realizes that they were beheaded because they were Christians. But not our Obama!

No, in the world of Obama, its all unicorns and puppy-kittens. Toss in a trio of narwhals, too! Art Linkletter made a career out of children saying the darnedest things. If he were alive today, Art would hit the jackpot with Obama and his minions. Oh, America! We are the home of the absurd under Obama. While much of the unrest in the world is due to poverty, terrorism has little to do with it. A lack of a job did not cause Osama bin Laden to become a terrorist. Nor did coming from a wealthy family and having a choice education prevent Mohammed Atta from flying a jetliner into the World Trade Center.

Three years ago, the Islamic State consisted of maybe six men and a goat. Today, they occupy an area larger than the UK and rule over some 8 million people. ISIS-ISIL is the wealthiest terrorist group on the planet and has cells in dozens of countries across the globe, as well as 49 of the 50 United States. If you ask me, ISIS soldiers are already employed. They don′t even need food stamps.

So Barack Obama is holding his big ′violent extremist′ conference today at the White House. If all that comes from it is a pitch to blow more money on trying to create jobs in the Middle East, then plan on more beheadings over the next two years. Those 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians were migrant workers in Libya when taken hostage and murdered by ISIS-ISIL. The fighters who beheaded them were paid employees of the Islamic State, which mints its own currency of gold and silver coins. They don′t need jobs, they need killing. What sort of world we would have if all the terrorists were killed? A peaceful one.