On Saturday in Denmark, Islamic terrorism raged during two Copenhagen shooting attacks, killing 2 and wounding 5. On Sunday morning, police killed the suspect of these terrorist attacks. Permit me to explain what happened via the eyes and mindset of Barack Hussein Obama first. A lone demonstrator protested at a hate speech event which was held to honor a Swedish hate-cartoonist who had drawn a picture of a dog with the head of the Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him. The protester then went to a synagogue where a Jew was killed during a random shooting whom had been unlucky to be at there at the time. Why this Jew would be at a synagogue on the Day of the Sabbath, no one knows. Now, allow me to tel you what REALLY happened…

Danish officials are definitely calling this a ″politically motivated″ act of terrorism, something the Obama White House statement on the matter neglected to do. A cultural center and cafe in Copenhagen was the scene of a free speech event held by supporters of Lars Vilks, a Swedish cartoonist whom did draw a picture of a dog with the head of Muhammad upon it. Since drawing the cartoon in 2007, he has had several attempts on his life by Islamic extremists, including one by the notorious ′Jihad Jane′, Colleen LaRose of the USA. The event was held in response to the Charlie Hebdo shootings last month in Paris, France. A ′lone wolf′ gunman killed one person attending the event and wounded two of the police officers providing security at the seminar. The gunman escaped with a black Volkswagen Polo.

He then drove some two miles across Copenhagen to a synagogue, where he killed another, this time a Jew attending Sabbath services, as well as wounding three police officers who were providing security there. Again, the gunman escaped and was not seen until Sunday morning when he approached a busy subway station in downtown Copenhagen. After a brief gun battle, police shoot and killed the suspect, whose identity remains unknown at the time of writing this article.

If you are wondering about the first paragraph, I did it to make a point. The Barack Obama White House once again was reluctant in its statement concerning the Copenhagen shooting attacks to call them acts of Islamic terrorism. Any reference to terror, or Islam, was deliberately left out. The statement could have easily been used to describe a convenience store robbery. I added the other bit concerning the shooting at the synagogue after Obama′s remarks last week where he neglected to use the word ′kosher′ in describing those ″random shooing″ victims at the deli following the attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo. Obama also failed to make any connection about Islamic terrorism targeting Jews. White House liar Josh Ernest even double-down on the remarks, defending the position that religion or ideology had anything to do with the attack on the kosher deli.

Its a sad world and getting sadder every day that Barack Obama continues to run his mouth. One would think that the White House would come up with a better statement about the Copenhagen shooting attacks after all of the heat they took last week. But no, they are delusional. Meanwhile, our Justice Department is launching a hate crime investigation on an atheist who shot and killed three Muslim neighbors in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The suspect has a history of problems with the neighbors over parking cars in front of his house. He also has posted many angry, hateful comments about Christians and Jews on the Internet. But that′s okay for Obama in his universe of madness.