The Barack Obama administration has now lost its third U.S. embassy since 2010 as Iranian-backed Hoo′thie rebels captured our embassy in Sanaa, Yemen. U.S. Marines were ordered by the State Department to turn over their weapons after disabling them before being evacuated to neighboring Oman. Meanwhile, the Al Qaeda group, Ansar al-Sharia, seized an army base in Yemen. Back in September, 2014, Obama himself held up Yemen as a success story as being a faithful ally in our counter-terrorism coalition. First we lost our embassy in Syria, then last summer in Libya. Now, rebels are ransacking our embassy, even driving our vehicles in Yemen. With almost two more years to go, how many more embassies will Obama get us chased out of?

Obama says that the world is more peaceful since he took over. Yeah, right! Such statements have all the honesty of being able to keep your doctor and insurance under Obamacare. Or as believable as a Brian Williams story. Ordering our Marines to turn over their weapons, even after damaging them, is a major humiliation. This is an outrage!

Thanks to Obama, we are less respected in the world. Terrorists are flourishing. The FBI admits now that there are ISIS cells in 49 states. Every state except Alaska. Perhaps ISIS is afraid of Sarah Palin? They should be! Palin would shoot them herself if the opportunity called for such. Obama is afraid to even use the term ′Islamic State′ when talking about ISIS-ISIL. He has no problem bashing Christians for things that happened centuries ago. Nor does Obama recognize Jews since any killed by Muslims are merely victims of a random shooting spree. This is just so sad.

So did you wince when you heard that Iranian-backed rebels took control of our embassy in Yemen? Are you outraged that the Barack Obama administration ordered our Marines to surrender their weapons to them? Has the loss of a third embassy by Obama resulted in you feeling humiliated as an American? If you have a comment, share your thoughts with us on this topic.