You have to really wonder why on Thursday, at the annual National Prayer Breakfast, Barack Obama attacked Christianity and America while defending the terrorism of Islamic extremists? Is Obama guilty of sedition, giving aide and comfort to our enemies? Or is he just insane? Trying to compare the Catholic Church sending crusaders to the Middle East a thousand years ago to today′s Muslim terrorists is a huge stretch. For starters, the reason the crusaders went there was to stop the atrocities being committed by the Muslims! Some historians have estimated that in the past 1,400 years, some 270 Million people have been killed thanks to Islam. Mostly other Muslims being executed for religious infractions. Obama also mentioned another group of Catholics by name, the Spanish Inquisition. I doubt if even Monty Python would have expected an American president to talk about the Spanish Inquisition at a national prayer breakfast!

Of course, Obama also had to bash America, recalling Jim Crow Laws and such, much as he did early in his first term during his Muslim apology tour. Mind you, all of this took place just days after the Islamic State, or ISIS-ISIL, threw a Jordanian pilot into a cage and burned him alive just to make a propaganda video. We also had two reports, one from Amnesty International and the other by the United Nations, telling the world about atrocities committed by ISIS-ISIL in Iraq. How they are enslaving girls as young as 10-years old to be ′wives′ for their fighters and are beheading or burying children alive. The death toll is running into the tens of thousands with no end in sight.

Yet, on Friday, Obama′s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, Miss Benghazi Liar, spoke at the Brookings Institute delivering the Obama administration′s second national security report in six years. Every other presidency in modern times does this annually. Of course, other administrations also pass annual budgets, too, while Obama has only passed two. Even by ′conservative′ estimates, Obama will leave the nation with some $22 Trillion dollars of ′on-budget′ debt, adding well more than all the debt of every president since and including George Washington.

Yes, according to Rice, the Obama administration is not really concerned about Islamic terrorism being an ′existential threat′. They view the phony Global Warming issue as more important. Its not like ISIS nor Al Qaeda has threatened to destroy America nor fly their flag from the roof of the White House. Oh…, wait…,THEY HAVE threatened such! Well, its not like they are here in large numbers to carry out terrorist attacks. Oh…, wait…, the Director of the FBI this week claims that ISIS has operatives in 49 states. Everyplace but Alaska! Well, in Obama′s mind, ISIS has failed to occupy all 57 states, so we′re okay till then.

Is Barack Obama bashing Christianity and America at the National Prayer Breakfast grounds for sedition? An impeachable offense? Is Obama showing himself to be a traitor? Or is he just a stupid fool, suffering from the mental illness that is modern Liberalism? Bankrupting the country is not good enough for Obama. His plan to knock America off its ′high horse′ is taking on a new dimension. Obama repeated his usual lie last weekend about how 99.9% of Muslims oppose jihad. A recent Pew Poll shows that in America, about 7%, some 200,000 Muslims, support jihad. Worldwide, the average is around 21%. Lies, cowardice, idiocy and delusion. These are the sum of Obama.