The spin masters at NBC News are working over-time thanks to nightly news anchor Brian Williams and his Katrina and Iraq War story lies. Or should I say ′alleged′ lies, as some are defending Williams explaining that he may be ′suffering′ from a mental illness. For a dozen years, Brian Williams has been telling a whale of a tale about how he was shot down over Iraq when a helicopter he was on was hit by an RPG. Sometimes, he actually told the truth, but in the last few years seems to prefer his ′heroic′ version. Now many are looking into his Katrina stories as to their truthfulness. Williams claims that he saw dead bodies floating down the street from his hotel room in the French Quarter of New Orleans. An area that did not flood!

I have to say that I debated whether to touch this scandal. To me, its not really news that a Liberal member of the Media is a liar. They all lie all the time! But, since I have beaten up on Barack Obama a few times this week, calling him a liar, a coward and an idiot, as well as alluding to Obama having a mental illness, what the heck? I may as well call Brian Williams a liar, a coward and an idiot, who also has mental issues, too!

Generally, those who lie and make up stories about facing danger are cowards. So, the fact that Williams is, at the very least, ′mistaken′ in his recollections, indicates some need to prove that he is not a coward. That he thinks he could get away with this indicates that he is an idiot. If he is not just a simple liar, then he may very well have some mental illness that confuses him to inadequately distinguish delusion from reality. Frankly, being a liar is one step up from being delusional. However, in the case of Brian Williams, as well as his buddy, Barack Obama, they may suffer from both ills.

So, the question now is, has the Brian Williams Katrina and Iraq War stories destroyed whatever credibility he had with his peers and viewers? Will NBC News eventually have to fire or discipline him? Maybe suspend him for a month while he seeks some form of rehab? Or will he eventually luck out as other issues and stories float into the American consciousness via the 24/7 news cycle? Has the Brian Williams non-apology-apology satisfied the masses? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.