There are reports that King Abdullah II of Jordan will personally fly a combat mission against the Islamic State! You gotta love this guy! A trained Cobra attack helicopter pilot, King Abdullah is expected to fly as a copilot on a jet fighter bomber, presumably a variant of the F-16 Falcon. Talk about cajones! When ISIS-ISIL beheads an American hostage, Barack Obama goes and plays golf. When ISIS-ISIL messes with Jordan, the King goes to war himself! Nor does he pussy-foot about with silly word games. The King knows damn well that the ISLAMIC State is ISLAMIC, at least their own version of it. He obviously realizes that they are killing and torturing more Muslims these days than infidels. However, a Jordanian official has issued a statement today that the king will not fly any combat missions. Still, at least he is demonstrating some genuine leadership.

Before leaving the United States and returning to Jordan following the murder of Jordanian pilot, Lt. Moaz al-Kassasbeh, King Abdullah met with members of the House Armed Forces Committee. He referred to the Clint Eastwood ′revenge′ lines from the movie, ″Unforgiven″. ″Any man I see out there, I′m gonna kill him. Any ***** takes a shot at me, I′m not only going to kill him, I′m going to kill his wife and all his friends and burn his damn house down.″ King Abdullah told our Congressmen that he needs more fuel and bullets to carry out his vow.

You can′t go wrong quoting a Clint Eastwood film character when it comes to desiring revenge. The king is not alone as the people of Jordan held public demonstrations condemning the Islamic State for their brutality. The king arrived home to a chorus of cheers as his nation rallies to the cause. By comparison, the Obama White House fumbled about during the Wednesday press briefing giving a non-answer on whether they supported Jordan executing two Al Qaeda terrorists. Once again, the Obama administration looks to be populated by sorority girls and pajama boys.

Whether King Abdullah II of Jordan flies a combat mission himself or not, I tip my hat to him. He is A-Okay in my book! There is no confusion or namby-pamby word games coming from his court. The king is fighting mad and has no problem telling it as it is. Between him and the President of Egypt, we have at least two leaders of Muslim nations that understand what is going on and how to deal with it. The Islamic State, or ISIS-ISIL are the worst sort of bad guys out there. Now, if we can just get our act together to back them up!