Here is more validation for something I have been saying for the past several years. Jim Clifton, CEO for the Gallup Poll service has posted an OpEd on the company′s website entitled, ″The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment″. Clifton then details how the U.S. Labor Department is fudging the numbers when it comes to the unemployment rate. He even takes a swipe at the Liberal Media for ″cheerleading″ the alleged optimistic news. Clifton gives examples of how the numbers are played with. Such as if you work one hour per week, you are not counted as being unemployed. Or if you have been unemployed for four weeks, you are considered to have ′given up′ and are no longer counted. The bottom line is that over 30 million Americans of job-age are not gainfully employed and there is no sign of the economy improving enough anytime soon to solve this problem.

Clifton goes on to give us the truth, that only about 44% of the American labor force have full-time employment. Think about that! Meanwhile, Barack Obama wants to penalize the job creators and the Middle Class even more with a new batch of taxes and regulations. Oh sure, the Dow Jones is doing just fine, fueled by cheap money and the fact that most businesses today have sufficiently streamlined and diversified themselves overseas. The U.S. marketplace is less important than it was 10 years ago. Welcome to the New World Order!

Obama has doubled the National Debt in just six years in office and his new budget promises to add even more. Yet, according to Obama, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, government is the real job creator. If so, then why are more Americans under or unemployed than before? One would think that with the extra trillions of dollars being pumped into the economy by the federal government and the Federal Reserve Bank, that we would have an economic boom by now. But, the truth is that both are actually drags on the economy.

Private Enterprise is the real job creator and it only thrives when the laws of Capitalism are respected. Barack Obama and his henchmen have no respect at all for Capitalism. They prefer Socialism. So kudos to Gallup Poll CEO Jim Clifton for telling us the truth. All we get from the Obama administration, the White House spin doctors and their accomplices in the Liberal Media are lies.