King Abdullah II cut his visit to the United States short after ISIS-ISIL executed Jordanian pilot, Lt. Luath al-Kassaesbeh. In response to the horrible murder, burned alive while trapped in a cage, the nation of Jordan executed two Al Qaeda terrorists. Hung by the neck until dead were Sajiada al-Rishawi, a woman who bombed a hotel in Amman, killing 60 people back in 2005 and Ziad al-Karbouly, a former aide to Abu Musab al_Zarqawi. A gruesome video was released by the Islamic State showing the murder of Lt. Al-Kassaesbeh, whom was captured after his F-16 crashed in Syria. Authorities believe the pilot was burned alive on January 3, despite claims that he was still alive as ISIS negotiated for the release of several prisoners, including al-Rishawi, up through this weekend. This follows the beheading of Japanese national Kenshi Goto by ISIL last week. As usual, the White House and Barack Obama administration refuses to call the terrorists Islamic extremists.

Obama is more focused these days on other matters, such as giving illegal immigrants amnesty, IRS tax refunds and transgender hormone treatments. This is where we are as a nation. Led by numbskulls and buffoons. Just about one year ago, Obama called ISIS a ′JV team′, as if they were nothing to get excited over. Even now, many government officials are trying to downplay the unrestricted violence being used by radical Islamic terror groups. In his State of the Union address, Obama hardly mentioned the threat by terrorism.

In the past two months, we have seen a major spike in terrorism throughout the world. Canada, Europe, Australia, Nigeria, etc., have all be targeted for bloodshed. A new report suggests that ISIS is busy trying to recruit American children. Earlier, another report claims that the Islamic State is calling on all good Muslims to have more babies for jihad. Anyone who thinks that this is going to be stopped in the next few years is sadly mistaken. We are in a world war that could go on for decades.

But, Barack Obama has little to say about the execution of a Jordanian pilot by the Islamic State. He can barely say their name, let alone use the abbreviation of ISIL or ISIS due to the connection with Islam. Reminds me of the Breaking Bad episode where Walter White insists that a drug kingpin ″Say my name.″ The scene was even parodied in one of the eSurance Super Bowl commercials featuring Bryan Cranston. Obama won′t say their name, because he is chicken. What lies between his ears is also from a chicken, too!