Will you be watching Super Bowl XLIX today or AMC-TV′s The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl 2015, Humans vs Walkers? On the one hand, we have the possibility of seeing deflated footballs or perhaps a Katy Perry half-time wardrobe malfunction. On the other hand, AMC promises us plenty of ″necessary roughness″ and ″sudden death″. Or maybe you′ll just kick back and throw your DVD of ″Heidi″ in the player and watch that instead? There is always the Puppy Bowl, too! Some TV service providers are also offering you the option of skipping the Super Bowl game itself and watching just the commercials. What are your Super Bowl plans this Sunday?

Ah, the Super Bowl, or as I like to call it, the Stupid Bowl. No, I′m not bitter nor jaded, just a Detroit Lions fan. We′ve never been to a Super Bowl. The last time a Detroit football team made it to the finals Bobby Lane was the quarterback, well before I was born! Those were the days of REAL football! Players, like Lane, were basically part-time athletes, often showing up drunk or hung over. Bobby Lane was famous for being at his best when half-blind due to an all-night drinking binge.

Now its all about hype and money. The Super Bowl has become one, giant cash cow to be milked. Even players are milked with hefty fines if they don′t show up for interviews on Media Day. The TV commercial ads are treated like Academy Award winning films. I′m sure we′ll soon see the Budweiser puppy walking down a red carpet with some starlet or pop singer in tow. Christmas and Easter were once religious holidays. Thanksgiving was once a ′bridge′ holiday, melding religion and national pride. Now the Super Bowl is here, purely a commercial enterprise that has risen to the level of a national holiday.

So what are your thoughts or plans on Super Bowl XLIX this 2015? Will you watch it? Will you throw or attend a party with friends or family? How many chicken wings will you eat? Are you planning to test some new dip recipe? Excited about who will win the game or which commercial will be best? Or are you just chucking the whole thing out and watching The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl instead on AMC TV? Will you root for the humans or the walkers? Share your Super Bowl thoughts and stories with us.