Last night on the History Channel H2 we had the Season 3 finale of America Unearthed entitled, ′The Templars′ Deadliest Secret – Evidence Exposed′. Forensic geologist Scott Wolter has been searching for proof that the Knights Templar have been to North America centuries before Christopher Columbus for over a decade. His book on his hypothesis, published about 4 years ago, focused on a Templar symbol, the Hooked X, which Wolter believes represents Jesus Christ, his wife Mary Magdalene and their child. Scott believes the legend that the Templars were hunted down and exterminated by the Catholic Church and by then King Phillip of France because the knights′ order worshiped Mary equally as they did Jesus. They may also be protecting any living descendents of the divine couple as well. Persecuted, the Templars went underground on Friday the 13th, in October of 1307 and may have evolved into what we now call Freemasonry.

Scott Wolter, along with researcher Alan Butler and a possible Templar descendent, Steve St. Clair, are in France exploring for signs of the Templar. Wolter believes that in addition to the Hooked X, another symbol used to pass along their secrets may be the ′M-sign′, an unusual hand gesture where the fingers form an M. In Templar built churches, Scott has seen sculptures and paintings displaying the M-sign. He has found it elsewhere, too, such as at the World War 2 memorial in Washington, DC shown on the left hand of a statue of FDR, a Freemason himself. Wolter also discusses Templar/Masonic symbolism seen on the back of the one-dollar bill and the Great Seal of the United States.

The three men visit the site in Paris where the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques De Molay, was executed on March 18, 1314. De Molay was arrested on Friday, October 13, 1307 and for nearly seven years was tortured, but never gave up any secrets. Instead of being burnt at a stake, De Molay was placed horizontally on a spit and then slowly roasted over hot coals. And some call water-boarding torture! Scott shows Alan and Steve some images of post-1307 Templarism. First a picture depicting the three ships used by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the New World. The sails have the Templar cross upon them. Then a photo-copy of a document by Columbus where he included a Hooked X. Finally, a famous portrait of the Admiral where Columbus gives the M-sign with his left hand. In short, Columbus was a Templar!

Butler leaves the group as he has other business, but Scott and Steve press on and visit another church in Paris known to have a connection to the Templars and the St. Clair family. As they arrive at St. Martin Des Champs, they see a scaled down replica of the Statue of Liberty! The designer of the statute, Auguste Bartholdi, worshiped at this church and was a known Freemason. Wolter lists the symbolism of the statue, and they noticed that Lady Liberty′s left hand, holding the tablet of laws, is making an M-sign! How about that!?

The two then travel to Tomar, Portugal, a known Templar stronghold. In the town square, there are many signs of the Knights Templar. After reviewing many symbols, such as the Skull and Cross bones, they make their way to the church called Santa Maria Do Olival, built by the Templars. The first thing they noticed was a window with a pentagram on it. There was also a five-petaled rose over the front door. As the explore further, Steve St. Clair finds a Hooked X carved on one of the churches′ 8 columns. Scott Wolter is excited!

Returning to America, Scott Wolter flies to Massachusetts after getting a tip about the Westford Knight carving. He has visited the site before and meets with tipster David Christiana. David tells Scott that he was hired by the city to power wash the carving and while doing so, noticed something. Wolter checks it out and sure enough, there is a Hooked X that had not been seen before. Scott analyzes it, including the use of a technique called reflecting transformation imagery and confirms that the carving is authentic. Unlike the hoax in Pennsylvania, the weathering of the carving is genuine. Could this be more confirmation that a party of Knights Templar, possibly led by Henry St. Clair, came to America over a hundred years before Columbus? Perhaps Season 4 will provide us with solid proof.