RED STATE ALERT! Set your DVRs tonight as former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin travels to the Republic of Texas and meets with the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent! Sarah and ′The Nuge′ will chat up politics, guns and Rock-n-Roll on this evenings episode of ′Amazing America with Sarah Palin′ on the Sportsman Channel. If you love the smell of high-octane, American gasoline in the morning, then this should please you. No namby-pamby silly talk about how the Taliban are not terrorists or Barack Obama referring to himself 133 times in 3 minutes during a boring speech. Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent go together like blueberry pie and a hot dog.

I know, people are upset that Sarah Palin′ speech at the recent Iowa shindig for GOP presidential contenders did not go over well. They in the Liberal Media replayed a few seconds of a misspeak over and over again. Of course, this morning at MSNBC, some lame brain actually accused Chris Kyle of being a racist and that the movie American Sniper depicted him as he went on a ″killing spree″. Joe Scarborough seemed somewhat offended by the remark, but good old Mika Brzezinski believes they must acknowledge all points of view. REALLY? Yeah, Right!

America is in trouble and it will be nice to see Nugent and Palin set the rest straight. I don′t know about you, but I for one have had enough of the namby-pamby chatter by limp-wristed Liberals who faint at the sight of the red-white and blue. I love watching the Sportsman Channel, especially on Mondays when they have their ′Gun Night′ line-up. Its rootin′-tootin′-shootin′ for the whole family. I bet Mika would hide under her bed in fear that Sarah Palin might drive by her house with Ted Nugent riding shotgun. The thought of that makes me chuckle.