The big ′Blizzard of 2015′ may be more of a ′fizzard′ as Winter Storm Juno fails to deliver mass mayhem. The National Weather Service had been warning of record breaking snow falling over much of the Northeastern United States, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Bangor, Maine. Some computer models were predicting as much as three feet of snow at Central Park in New York City. But so far, only about 5 to 6 inches have fallen. Some locations have been buried in 18 inches of snow with high wind gusts causing deeper snow drifts. Places like Boston and Long Island did get hit hard, but for the most part, the storm was more routine. If there was any mayhem, it was caused more by politicians who caused businesses and public transportation systems to shut down. The Nor′eastern storm was more bluster than blizzard with folks like NY Gov. Coumo and NYC Mayor De Blasio looking like the fools that they are.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, DC, the US Department of State was turned down by the Disney company. The State Department had wanted to use the characters from the animated movie, Frozen, to be used in a public service announcement, or PSA, on Global Warming, a.k.a. Climate Change. While Disney often folds Liberal messages in their films, they apparently decided not to pursue this one now that most Americans believe that Global Warming is a hoax. Even the number of scientists preaching on Climate Change is dwindling. Despite these realities, Barack Obama, John Kerry and Al Gore continue to warn of the world that Climate Change is the Number One problem facing Earth.

So, what we have here is yet another lesson on REAL science! Experts and computer models can barely predict what sort of weather we′ll have 24 hours from now. Yesterday′s calling for 3 feet of snow in Central Park turned out to be shy of 2.5 feet. The natural question is obvious. How can we make any rational decisions about weather ten, fifty, or a hundred years from now? Are we throwing away some $150 Billion dollars a year on a total hoax? You betcha!

The ′Blizzard of 2015′ is a classic example of government run amok and being in error in its assumptions. The cost of shutting down businesses, roads, airports, and train systems will be considerable. If I were to just pull a number out of my lucky, Henry Blake fishing hat, I′d say that at least $10 Billion dollars were chucked out the window by the politicians for making a bad choice based on faulty thinking. That would be a ′Conservative′ estimate, too! The actual cost could be two or three times that. But who cares? The cost of Obama vacations probably total well over a Billion dollars. Just his little, 4-hour jaunt to Saudi Arabia from India is costing us taxpayers millions. I′d call it irresponsible, though some may call it corrupt if not outright criminal. Guess who will pay the bill? You and I and your descendents for the next thousand years!