The hottest movie in theaters, American Sniper, tops the box office numbers again despite criticism from the usual gang of Hollywood idiots and Liberal Media dummies. The drama from Clint Eastwood starring Bradley Cooper as US Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle took in another $64 Million dollars, earning now over $200 Million domestically since hitting the silver screens. Meanwhile, Left-wing fools like Michael Moore and Bill Mahr continue to trash the war drama. Rolling Stone Magazine, famous for promoting one of the Boston bombing terrorists as a new teen idol and a totally false story of a culture of rape at universities has tried to dismiss American Sniper both as a film and a news item. Even Howard Dean has chimed in trashing the movie. Yet, REAL Americans love American Sniper!

I have not seen it yet myself, but a close associate of mine has. He described the movie as a saga of realization that the enemy we are fighting, Islamic extremists, are so wicked that American soldiers are having great difficulty in handling the psychological impact of our fight in the war against terrorism. The pure savagery of the Islamo-fascists is something unseen since the days of the Vietnam War when the Viet Cong or NVA troops would butcher whole villages to scare a province into submission. That our soldiers are unprepared to witness such horrors just as American troops were shocked when they liberated death camps in Nazi Germany.

While Seth Rogen complains on Twitter about American Sniper, terrorist forces in Mosul, Iraq were busy last week throwing homosexuals off the roofs of buildings and murdered over a dozen teenage boys because they had been watching soccer on television. This is the enemy we are fighting! The film demonstrates the anxiety our troops undergo when faced with seeing such violence day-in and day-out. The sheer, insidious ruthlessness of Al Qaeda and Islamic State fighters is nothing else but pure evil. A moral concept that eludes the Progressive, Liberal mind.

America and the rest of Western Civilization are vulnerable as we engage in what may be the battle of our very existence. As our political leaders try to play down any religious connection with terrorism, our enemies become more emboldened and aggressive. People like Barack Obama, Howard Dean and Michael Moore, along with 90% or more of college professors, refuse to accept the realities of the ideological struggle we are in. The ′War on Terror′ is a war against Islamic fascism. Anyone who thinks that this will just simply blow over in the next few years is not only sadly mistaken, but totally insane. The imans who guide the terrorists spiritually themselves are predicting that the final battle with the West is coming in 2076. We are still in the early stages of this conflict.

Will American Sniper rule the box office and ride the gravy train to Oscar gold? We shall see. The film by Clint Eastwood starring Bradley Cooper as US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is earning big bucks as the public appreciates the raw truth rather than the lies routinely told by the White House. The truth is that Islamic extremists are the most horrifying enemy we have faced in at least the past 40 years, if not 70. Our culture, our very way of life are at risk. All that stands between terror and us are those few whose sense of honor goes well beyond terms like bravery and duty. Their valor is the armor that defends our existence.