It is official! Barack Obama is now a lame duck! After giving his State of the Union Address for 2015, Obama is now about to slide into the abyss of irrelevancy. His SOTU speech was worn out and lame, filled with more lies and promises he cannot keep. Aside from another call for more tax hikes on wealth to pay for free community college and other alleged benefits, Obama offered very little. He declared that the phony issue of climate change was the most serious threat to us while not even mentioning Al Qaeda nor using the term ′Islamic extremists′. Obama claimed that his campaign against ISIL is working despite evidence to the contrary and that the world was better despite growing unrest in hot spots like Yemen, Ukraine and Libya. Makes one wonder if Obama resides on the same planet as the rest of us?

As promised, I did not watch Obama make his speech. I watched some reruns of Breaking Bad I DVR′d on Monday instead. However, I did tune in just in time to see the Joni Ernst rebuttal and watched Megyn Kelly, aka Martha Washington, do her take on the SOTU speech. So I saw the highlight video and did read a transcript of what Obama had said, therefore I can speak on the subject.

If you read the article the other day about the study done by the Grabien video service, then you know that since 2009, Barack Obama has the worst record of keeping State of the Union Address promises since Gerald Ford. A total of 112 broken promises in six years, giving Obama a very high average of about 20 per speech. Only a Liberal Democrat can even make 20 promises in a single speech, let alone break or not keep that many!

In the past, I have often compared the Obama administration to a failing restaurant from an episode of Kitchen Nightmares starring Chef Gordon Ramsay. I think the one that nails our current White House best was the one featuring Sebastian′s, a goofy pizza place in the Hollywood area. The owner had some crazy menu offering 20-some odd ′flavor profiles′ along with serving cuisine that was practically 100% frozen and manufactured off site. Yet, the owner thought he had some original concept and refused to face reality. Ramsay tried to square him away but shortly after departing, Sebastian returned to his old, bad habits and menu and the restaurant eventually closed.

The point being that nobody, not even government, can do it all. There are limits and when you try to promise too much, you usually wind up producing zero. Just as with any consumable good, focus and freshness are the keys to success. Obama is the most unfocused president in modern history, if not overall history, and his ideas are as stale as month-old bread. Much was made about how the Middle Class was not fully enjoying the alleged economic recovery. Unemployment may be said to be down but fewer Americans are working. The percentage of the employed is the lowest since 1978. Under Obama, the economy is back in the Jimmy Carter Era as if the boom days of the 1980s and ′90s never happened.

Perhaps even more shocking is the total disconnect with the global situation. Last night, Obama claimed that the sanctions against Russia were working, even while Russian troops are driving into Ukraine. Obama claimed that no new sanctions were needed against Iran, even while they just signed a new military agreement with Russia! Obama claimed that his ′smart′ policies are working across the world, even while all hell is breaking loose in Yemen as Al Qaeda rebels have seized the presidential mansion there and are threatening our embassy. Sounds like Libya all over again, which, oh by the way, the State Department just issued another travel warning for.

So who can blame me for not wanting to watch Barack Obama spend an hour and a half or so telling more lies during the political theater that was the State of the Union Address for 2015? Obama is now a lame duck. With the Republicans now in full control of both wings of Congress, Obama will have to resort to more executive over-reach to fulfill his agenda. His last two years in office will result in very little being done if he continues to ignore reality. I was half-tempted to entitle this review of the SOTU speech, ″Obama SOTU Speech – The Schizoid Man″. Just for his saying that he wants to ′reach across the aisle′ and then slamming the GOP with veto threats. Break out the ′Zener cards′ for we should test Obama to see if he is Number 6 or Number 12? Maybe Obama should consult with ″The General″ about community college being ″Free For All″?