The newly elected Republican senator from Iowa, Joni Ernst, gave the rebuttal to the State of the Union Address 2015 by Barack Obama. As a fresh face representing the GOP, Joni Ernst scored a 10 out of 10 in delivering the Republican response to the SOTU speech. Unlike those in the past, such as Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal, whom only provide fodder for late night comedians. Not sure what they′ll try to poke fun at Ernst over? Perhaps her personal story about wearing old, plastic bread bags over her one pair of good shoes while a school girl? Ernst assured the American people that the new Republican Congress, controlling both the House and Senate, will act for their benefit. The first order of business is to send to the White House a bill approving the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline which will bring energy and jobs from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

The economy took center stage in the Ernst response. A recent ABC News poll shows that despite the alleged good news about the U.S. economy, about 74% of Americans have experienced no increase in income or savings. About 56% say we are still in a recession. Most Americans believe that Obama has failed in attempts in produce a recovery and what little good news we may have occurred despite of him. The fall of the price of gasoline, for example, puts more cash in the hands of the Middle Class and the Poor. Obama had nothing to do with that as his administration has been trying to curb the oil and coal industries.

Where Joni Ernst really hit home in her rebuttal to Obama′s State of the Union Address for 2015 was on the subject of a dysfunctional Washington. Now that Harry Reid and the Democrats have lost the Senate, a Republican Congress can finally begin to send a stream of short, uncomplicated bills to the White House. The Keystone XL pipeline will lead the way. If Obama chooses to veto it, then that will just make life harder for Democrat candidates on the Gulf Coast and industrial Midwest. The Ernst response to the SOTU speech was effective, much more so than the one given by Marco Rubio, which is only remembered for the amount of water he drank during it.