During a joint press conference yesterday with UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Barack Obama warned Europe about using a ″hammer″ in response to the recent terror attacks. This, while in Europe, police in several countries arrested dozens of suspects linked to a sleeper cell in Belgium. Obama also told Europe that they must do a better job with assimilating Muslims as Obama claims we do here in America. This comes after a report by The Clarion Project that there are some 22 Islamic communities in the United States that have no desire to assimilate. Can our nation′s leadership be this blind or stupid?

In 2013, Obama declared that the ′War on Terror′ was over. Shortly after which, the Islamic State, or ISIS-ISIL, rose to become the largest ′rebel′ group in Syria and began seizing towns and territory in Iraq. This week, Obama announced that our air campaign against ISIL was successful, but the Wall Street Journal points out that since the bombing and drone strikes began, the Islamic State has actually increased in size and scope. Estimates of there only being 20,000 or so ′fighters′ have ballooned to over 200,000 by some accounts.

Is it too much to ask Obama and his White House staff of dummies to be honest with us once in a while? Apparently not! All we ever get from Obama are lies. Lies about the state of the economy, of joblessness, of keeping our healthcare, of climate change, green jobs,etc., etc., etc. The list goes on and on! Obama evens lies about being willing to cooperate with Congress. At the very same press conference yesterday, Obama declared that he will veto any bill calling for more sanctions to block Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. REALLY?!

Obama is totally out of control and seems hell bent for leather to do whatever he can during his last two years in office to harm and damage America. Things were bad enough when Democrats controlled both the House and Senate. Thanks to their general incompetence, the Democrats passed very few bills during their reign, though those they did pass were massive assaults on liberty and Capitalism. Up until this year, Harry Reid has made life easy for Obama by rarely passing any legislation. We went without an annual federal budget for nearly five years. About the only thing holding the nation together is the rust.

Are you still buying anything that Barack Obama says? Do you still listen to him whenever he speaks? Can you believe the gall of this Liar-in-Chief? The terrorists of the world, be they Muslims or others, must be laughing hysterically every time Obama opens his mouth.