The Washington Times reports that Liberal-Progressive billionaire, George Soros financially supported many of the groups which protested the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. The money was distributed through Open Society, the Soros institution that funds a wide range of Progressive groups and causes. This ′news′ about him funding the Ferguson protesters does not surprise me one bit. If there is any cause which stands for destroying America and traditional values, George Soros and his money are always there. Another of his ′charities′, Media Matters, is currently cataloging ′Islamophobia′ on the Internet. To what end, who can say, though I suspect that they will make some guilt-ridden hay out of such.

While I haven′t designated this as a ′Open Thread′ article, you may feel free to treat it as such. Primarily for the reason given above, that this piece of ′news′ isn′t really news at all. I come to expect nonsense like this from the likes of George Soros. So if you want to comment on some other issue, go right ahead!

Here is something to mull over. Is there such a thing as ′Islamophobia′? A ′phobia′ is an irrational fear. So given the state of the world we live in today, how can being afraid of Islamic terrorism be irrational? A recent Pew Poll shows that worldwide, between 60-80% of Muslims support the concept of jihad. A like number support stoning adulterers. Some 21% of all Muslims support the practice of using suicide bombers. If you are a homosexual, then you should really be afraid of Islam as most Muslims support stoning you to death. So would a gay man or woman be irrational for fearing Islam?

The obvious answer, obvious to anyone who is not subject to the mental disorder of being a Liberal, is ′NO′! There is truly plenty to fear from Islamic extremists. Gregg Gutfeld, the Fox News cohost of ′The Five′, made an excellent observation yesterday during the highly popular talk show. The Barack Obama administration has a policy wherein nobody at the White House is to use the terms ′Islamic terrorism′ nor ′Islamic extremists′ as it may offend Muslims. The irrational rationale being that Team Obama constantly tries to propose that the terrorists are not connected to the religion of Islam. Yet, if they weren′t, then why would the White House be afraid of offending the 1.2 Billion Muslims in the world? The truth, as pointed out in the Pew Poll, is that many Muslims do indeed support the actions of those who justify violence for the sake of their religion.

One again we see the folly of the Liberal-Progressive mindset. They are not just stupid, they are totally insane! George Soros tops the list pouring money into projects that mean to destroy Western Civilization. Does Soros really think he would fair well under Sharia Law or Communism? He obviously does, why else would he pump his cash into supporting such ideologies? Yet, when the whip comes down, they′ll stone him, too!