The hacker group Anonymous has declared cyber war on Jihad websites following the terrorist attack on French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. The French-based website,, was paid a visit by the hackers whom took the site down and replaced it with a link to the search engine, DuckDuckGo. They even started a Twitter account, @OpCharlieHebdo to claim responsibility. Other ′hash-tags′ used on social media include #JeSuisCharlie, #OpCharlieHebdo and #CharlieHebdo. The poor, Islamic terrorists going to the site got an Error 522 also later in the day. Anonymous released a video message warning Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and other Muslim terror groups that they may be next!

anonymous charlie hebdo

FINALLY! Somebody is actually doing something! Certainly Barack Obahmed Obama is doing little, if anything, to counter Islamic extremists. He can barely utter the words. A report in the news states that during a CIA briefing last week on the Paris attacks, Obama left the room when the CIA tied the terrorists to Islam. My, my! Somebody got their space-panties in a bunch!

With a guy like Obama running things, is it any wonder we must turn to a hacker group for justice? At least Anonymous knows who the enemy is and is not afraid to call them out. Three cheers to Anonymous I say! Maybe hiding behind a Guy Fawkes isn′t so bad after all. Especially if the goal is to take down jihadi websites.

So this is the state of the world we live in now. So-called national leaders are hamstrung by their own political agendas, refusing to deal with the realities our of time. Political correctness prevents them from calling a spade a spade. Or connecting Islamic terrorism with the Muslim religion. Obama, himself, declared at the United Nations that the world does not belong to those who oppose the Prophet Muhammad. So what else can we expect from this slacker? Luckily, we have Anonymous taking up the sword of justice, declaring cyber war on the jihadists who committed the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Perhaps the Paris attacks were a tipping point as people realize the folly of political correctness and multiculturalism? Meanwhile, enjoy the video below where Ebola-Chan brings freedom to Scotland via Mel Gibson.