While the heads of state from some 40 nations joined 3.7 million people at the Paris rally on Sunday for the victims of the Charlie Hedbo massacre, one ′world leader′ was absent. Yes, Barack Obama, or Obahmed, was conspicuously missing. Obama was too busy watching football to go. Joe Biden and John Kerry were also not there. Eric Holder was actually in Paris this past weekend, but departed and did not participate. Seems he was too busy doing the Sunday talk-show circuit, though not busy enough to go on Fox News Sunday. So while the rest of the West seems to be waking up to the problem of Islamic terrorism, the Obama administration turns a blind eye to the realities of jihad.

paris rally

Pretty sad, huh? You bet! Obahmed either doesn′t care about jihad or he is in sympathy with them for destroying the West and Capitalism. Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues it policy of allowing tens of thousands of people from jihad nations like Somalia to immigrate here every year. You have to wonder just whose side is Obama on? Should we call him Obahmed instead?

As usual, the reaction from the White House on the recent terrorist attacks in France was lacking substance. They tiptoed around any connection between the terrorists and Islam. This, despite the fact that the whole point of the attacks was to seek revenge against the French satirical news magazine for its cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. Another factor was the interview published on last Wednesday in Charlie Hebdo with the author Michel Houellebecq who wrote the novel, ″Submission″. A tale about Muslims obtaining political power in France and adopting Sharia Law. The book is set in the year 2022 and follows the life of a French literature professor who accepts Sharia and prospers both financially and even takes four wives.

In 2002, Houellebecq was in legal trouble when he called the Muslim faith ″stupid″. His stance on Islam has been in opposition to its effects on French culture and established values. He has been called Islamophobic and a racist as a result. So his novel is certainly a ′dark comedy′ and one which obviously would irritate the true believers. The book also pokes fun at both the extreme Left and Right of France′s political spectrum, so Houellebecq has few friends. But that did not stop Charlie Hebdo from interviewing him and promoting his new novel.

Funny how the Obama administration sent three White House staffers, four if you count Al Sharpton, to the Michael Brown funeral in Ferguson, Missouri, but no one to the Paris Rally nor to the funerals for the two slain NYPD officers. Oh sure, our ambassador to France, an Obama campaign fund raiser, did attend the rally in Paris. Is that the best we could have done? Here, again, I am reminded of Jimmy Carter and his moment of truth when confronted by Admiral Hyman Rickover when asked if he had done his best while at the US Naval Academy. Liberals appear to have no desire to do their best nor appear to even know what the best may be.