Paris was rocked this morning by a terror attack on the French satirical news magazine, Charlie Hebdo. At least 12 are dead, including publisher Stephane Charbonnier, or ′Charb′, whose cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in 2011 resulted in a fire bombing as well as other death threats. Two police officers were killed by at least two hooded gunmen who assaulted the weekly news magazine′s offices. Inside, at least ten staff members were killed and at least another ten were wounded, four in critical condition. This is the deadliest attack in Paris in 20 years and follows several other attacks in the past few weeks. French President Francois Hollande confirmed that this was indeed an act of Islamic terror, something his government has been reluctant to do so for the earlier attacks. The gunmen are still at large and there are new reports of a car bomb at a Paris synagog.

charlie hebdo

The terror attack occurred during the lunch hour while the magazine′s editors and staff held a meeting to decide on what content to publish. Just an hour or so before the gunmen arrived, the magazine tweeted a cartoon of the leader of ISIS on Twitter. Reports from witnesses, as well as video from the public, have the gunmen shouting about how the ″Prophet has been avenged″ as they escaped. Paris police observe that while two gunmen were seen executing the terror attack, they may have had help. The two gunmen were well armed, carrying AK-47 or AK-74 rifles and appeared to have been well trained.

France is currently on high alert as the manhunt is on for the gunmen and any accomplices. Once again we see the folly of the Liberal-Socialist-Progressive thought process. For the past few weeks, there have been a series of attacks carried out by Muslims in Paris, yet the government refused to acknowledge that these were acts of jihad. We see much the same here in America where Barack Obama, Eric Holder and NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio condemn police for allegedly killing blacks. The truth is, according to a study done last year, that police officers are more likely to shoot whites than blacks. After the assassination of two NYPD officers two weeks ago, Mayor De Blasio threw police under the bus, figuratively speaking. The situation now is that since the shootings, NYPD officers are making fewer arrests and stopping less crime.

In France, Muslims make up about 10% of the population. For many years now, particularly since 2001, tensions between the Muslim community and the rest of the country has been high and strained. There are some parts of Paris and other cities where police won′t even go into anymore. Just as in the case of Obama, Holder and De Blasio, as French officials refuse to tell the truth about the true nature of crime in their streets, the criminals are emboldened to do more harm.

Such is the case today in Paris with the shooting spree at the Charlie Hebdo news magazine offices. Except this time, it was so blatant a terror attack that even the French President Francois Hollande had to admit that Islamic jihadists were behind it. When will Obama admit the truth which he is covering up?