Its back to work today on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC as the 114th Congress begins its first session. Already, the Liberal Media is in panic mode, warning of how Republicans are ″scary″ and trying to tell GOP Conservatives how to behave and vote. The Media moans and groans about how Barack Obama must now contend with the upstart Republicans whom have been handed the reigns of power in the House and Senate by the American people. As if all of those whom had voted last November were enemy invaders. But, alas, the real question is how will John Boehner and Mitch McConnell satisfy the voters and stop Obama in his tracks from further harming the nation?

114th Congress

This week, we could see a vote on the Keystone XL Pipeline finally go through both the House and Senate, now that the King of Obstructionists, Harry Reid, is no longer able to block legislation at his whim. Whether or not Obama signs such a bill to permit its construction is another matter. For the next two years, Obama may find himself becoming more and more irrelevant as the GOP derails his agenda. Add to that the shift of media focus from Obama to the 2016 presidential candidates. The day is coming when Obama will disappear from the headlines. Hurray!

Yes, the countdown has begun! Mr. High Hopes is finished after squandering 6 years, leaving America, and the world, in horrible condition. I′m not saying that everything changes today. But, as Winston Churchill would put it, today marks, ″the end of the beginning.″ Our descent into soft fascism began long ago by the Progressive Movement. After 6 years of Obama, we are dreadfully close to a ′hard fascism′, especially with Obama sanctioning the latest unrest in the streets with his War on Police.

So, with any luck, the Republicans, led by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, will begin to reverse the trend of us loosing our individual freedoms and liberty with the start of the 114th Congress. Now that the GOP controls both the House and the Senate, Barack Obama is exposed and vulnerable. His ability to push through his agenda has been weakened. Are you optimistic that the Rule of Law will return? That the corruption and political over-reach will be curtailed? Or is it already too late?