HAPPY NEW YEAR! As usual, I like to start each year with my regular, New Years feature, psychic predictions for 2015. Once again I turn to two wonderful psychics from Psychic Cosmos, the clairvoyant Kit Karson and astrologer Lou Raedwulfe. They will inform us about major trends in our society and world. For those ever popular celebrity psychic predictions for 2015, I turn to that master of the Tarot, the Amazing Zarnod. Or whatever he is calling himself these days. Zarnod is always on the move, one step ahead of doom. So let us begin our journey into the celestial ether and bear witness to some prognostications.

psychic predictions 2015

We shall begin with Lou from www.PsychicCosmos.com. Right off the bat we have a Mercury retrograde starting on January 21st. There may be some unrest in the world, particularly in Asia. But Lou is also concerned with Europe and a possible assassination which may throw the Old Wold into chaos. He also foresees more trouble in the Middle East between now and the end of May. But March may be the time of the political assassination in Europe. Keep an eye on the period between the Ides of March and the Spring Equinox, especially around an expected Solar Eclipse.

In the East, which takes in the Pacific Ocean and the West Coast of the Americas, April may be a busy month. Starting with the year′s first Lunar Eclipse through a cosmic interaction of Pluto, Uranus and Mercury, we could see some nasty events. This takes us well into the month of May as we have another Mercury retrograde starting on May 19th. Not only might we see some geologic tremors, such as an earthquake or volcano, but there may also be a military situation that upsets the apple cart. Things appear to calm down come June and July, but we may see some economic and political fallout which will add to the growing discontent. Lou then predicts that the second half of the year will become volatile again. Much of the action will again focus on Europe, as well as Russia. Just as the American political cycle heats up, expect a serious economic downturn, perhaps a ′mini-crash′ around September. By December, many will be glad to see 2015 end.

Psychic Kit Karson also warns about unrest and the economy in late summer through the autumn. She believes that our nation′s infrastructure will be subject to many strains and challenges. Possibly a major cyber attack. We will also experience more unrest and demonstrations this year as our politics takes the spotlight. Kit is also very concerned about our nation′s water and railroad systems. There may be a major accident or a series of accidents which will require action in these systems. She, too, sees more social unrest as populations around the world become less optimistic over the abilities of their leaders. Much change is on the wings as the year ends.

Now, for the stuff most people really care about, celebrity psychic predictions for 2015. The Amazing Zarnod has consulted his Tarot cards on one subject in particular, whether or not Kim Kardashian will file for divorce in 2015, or will her marriage to Kanye West continue? Yes, Zarnod believes that the cards are in favor of Kim and Kanye remaining married, especially as he predicts that Kim Kardashian will get pregnant again in 2015. Nothing like a baby to keep a couple together! Zarnod also predicts that several major celebrities will die in 2015, though he won′t say who. However, he will say that one, sudden death will be quite a shock to the entertainment industry, though not totally unexpected.

So those are our psychic predictions for 2015. I hope you found them as enlightening as I have. Especially the good news from the celebrity psychic predictions for 2015 involving Kim Kardashian. As for the rest, well, the world always seems to be on the brink these days. It is just the New Normal in the Age of Barack Obama. Good thing we only have a couple more years of him around messing things up. Of course, the bad news is that we STILL have a couple more years of him around messing things up!