The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta may have an Ebola-Chan Christmas. It seems that possibly a dozen scientists and technicians may have been contaminated by a misplaced sample of the Ebola virus. But, as reported by Sheryl Atkinson earlier this week, that may be the least of their worries. According to Sheryl′s sources within the CDC, upwards of some 1,400 people within the United States are being monitored as potential Ebola carriers. Yes, not 10, or 100, but fourteen-hundred people! Of course, ever since the Barack Obama administration appointed an Ebola Czar at the White House, news of the Ebola outbreak has been muted by the Media. Ebola is still raging away in West Africa, especially in Sierra Leone where two more doctors have died. So will news of a possible Ebola exposure at the CDC change your holiday plans?

ebola chan xmas

We all knew that once Obama announced an Ebola Czar that an Iron Curtain would descend across the land, covering up any news that may embarrass our failed leader. The Obama administration has been very busy hiding what people really need to know while promoting non-stories, like alleged climate change, the alleged ′War on Women′, and the latest lie, the alleged War on Blacks by White Cops. Meanwhile, its business as usual as Obama takes another multimillion-dollar vacation after a busy month pushing through not only an executive order to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, but also some 1,500 new federal regulations with a price tag of over $20 Billion dollars in fees, fines and taxes on the Middle Class. All without any vote by Congress.

bah humbug

So here we are on Christmas Day, 2014, and America draws closer to the brink of self-destruction at the hands of Barack Obama. The assault upon our borders, language and culture have been ramped up as the clock ticks away on Obama. He only has two more years to ruin what is left of the United States. So Obama still has plenty to do before he can enjoy the mayhem he has caused.

Are you surprised that the CDC has an Ebola virus scare? That some of their staff may have a possible Ebola exposure? And what about the Center for Disease Control deliberately hiding the fact that some 1,400 people are being currently monitored for Ebola in the United States? Is Ebola-Chan still doing her thing in West Africa despite the news blackout by the Barack Obama administration Ebola Czar at the White House? The Media is covering up the Ebola story. Instead, they, such as the Associated Press, are promoting the phony story about how there is an alleged War on Blacks by White cops. This is what passes for a Merry Christmas during the New Normal in the Age of Obama.