Remember the Taliban? The Islamic terror group that the Barack Obama administration wanted to negotiate with as we pull our troops from Afghanistan? Well, the Taliban are still in the terror business as they have killed at least 130 people, including some 80 children, in a Pakistan school attack today. An army public school in Peshawar was the target as at least 6 to 8 Taliban fighters entered the building and began their murderous rampage. At least one teacher was burned alive in front of students and many children were beheaded. The group known as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, or TTP for short, is claiming responsibility. The attack on the school is retaliation for the ongoing Pakistan military assault in North Waziristan called Operation Zarb-e-Azb. The school′s 500 students were attacked around 10:30am local time. Along with the dead and injured, an unknown number of students and teachers are being held hostage.

pakistan school attack

Since mid-June, the Pakistan Army has hit the Taliban hard, killing about 1,400 fighters. So attacking the school is the Taliban′s way to reap some payback. The Army Public School runs classes from the 1st to 10th grades. Many of the students killed in the initial assault were from the 8th, 9th and 10th grades. The Army claims that they have killed two of the Taliban fighters. There have also been explosions in the surrounding area, hinting that this may be a larger terrorist operation.

Not so oddly enough, Barack Obama gave a speech yesterday about how much safer the world is and why he thinks now is the time to downsize the U.S. military some more. REALLY??? Well, what else can you expect from a habitual liar? This almost ranks up there with, ″If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.″ The world has grown far more dangerous in past 6 years since Obama took office. We have seen the rise of ISIS, Iraq in chaos, Russia getting nasty, numerous conflicts in Africa, etc, etc, etc. Dare I say the word ′IMPEACHMENT′? Two more years of this clown in the White House and who knows how bad things will be?

So on the heels of a bloody terrorist attack in Australia yesterday, the Taliban have killed some 130 teachers and students in a Pakistan school attack. It seems these days that ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban are competing for who can be the top terror group. Throw in Boco Harum and Somali pirates and we′ve got ourselves an international terrorist league. When Iran starts building nukes, then we′ll be in real trouble, as if we aren′t there already.