Time Magazine has named Ebola fighters, or workers, as their Person of the Year for 2014. The doctors, nurses and other health care workers who struggled in West Africa have been honored. They even beat folks like Vladimir Putin for the cover of Time Magazine. But what would Ebola-Chan, the Goddess of Pestilence and Death say about this? True, she is only a cute, animated character, but does not her opinion count, too? In New York State, there was recently a court case to grant chimps the full legal status as humans. Why not the same for anime?

person of the year 2014

This week we also heard from the World Health Organization, WHO, on the 2014 Ebola outbreak. The latest news on Ebola is that the situations in Liberia and Guinea has the epidemic well contained and waning. However, in Sierra Leone, Ebola is still raging. The WHO has also determined that a major reason for the spread of Ebola is due to the burial rituals practiced in West Africa. In particular, the custom of family and friends touching the corpse of the departed. Knowledge of this may prove invaluable in preventing future outbreaks from getting worse.

So does Time Magazine still have any relevance? That may be the real story here. Who actually reads it anymore? Yeah, you may come across a copy at a doctor′s office or a barber shop. In this age of digital media, newspapers and news magazines are waning even more so than the Ebola virus. Is what Egon from ′Ghostbusters′ said true? That ″Print is dead.″? Is Time Magazine just something for the rest of electronic media to talk about it?

Do you agree with Time Magazine with their choice of Ebola fighters being the Person of the Year for 2014? Or would you agree with Ebola-Chan that she deserves the honor as the ′TRUE STAR′ of the 2014 Ebola outbreak? Or maybe you think it should be somebody else, like Vladimir Putin, or perhaps Jonathan Gruber? Perhaps instead of Time′s editorial board picking the Person of the Year, they should turn to Vox Populi and allow for folks to vote. Maybe that might help their sagging circulation?