Poor Mika Brzezinski loses it when she discovered what a Furry Convention was while reading the news story about the chemical gas leak at the Hyatt Hotel in Chicago over the weekend. The co-host of MSNBC′s Morning Joe lost her composure and ran off the set while Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist had to cover for Mika. She started off reading the headline of the story, then asked her companion if she was pronouncing the word corectly. Joe then asked, “What is a furry?″ Apparently, whatever the show′s producer told them over the earpieces caused Mika to runaway. Did the producer answer with something along the lines of a sexual deviancy?

mika brzezinski lose it

I have to say that I am shocked! How could they not know what a furry is? I′m 55 and essentially live under a rock and I knew what they were! Of course, I am also familiar with who Ya-Ya Han is, as well as the whole CosPlay scene. What does it say about the Elite, Liberal Media when they are so ignorant of popular culture. I suppose some might say that Furries are more of a subculture phenomenon. But still, they have been around for quite a while.

Sure, there are two sides of every coin. There is a subculture of Furries who dress up like pets and other animals as part of a sexual fantasy routine. But most, if not all, of those whom attended this past weekend′s Furry Convention in Chicago were dressed up as fans of animated characters from comic books, TV cartoons and movies.

So are you surprised that Mika Brzezinski loses it over a story about a Furry Convention? That Joe Scarborough, Willie Geist and the rest of the MSNBC Morning Joe staff are making light of the chlorine gas leak at the Chicago Hyatt Hotel? Or is the real story here that the so-called ′hip′ Liberals are really just a myth? That Liberal journalists are as dumb as posts when it comes to anything outside their drab world of cocktail parties and poetry corners? Will Mika′s reaction cause a fur-ball in popular culture?