Imagine the shock felt by Walgreen shopper, Cheryl Shapiro of Northridge, California when she came across swastika gift wrap in the Hanukkah wrapping paper section. After complaining to local media, Walgreen immediately decided to recall the product. The retail chain′s spokeman, Phil Caruso, said the company had no idea that there were swastikas in the gift wrapping paper′s pattern. The pattern itself looks very ′art deco′ in a kind of Albert Speer sort of way. I suppose there could be some reasonable excuse by whom ever purchased the product. Perhaps it was part of a package buy of many wrapping papers and received little attention. But still, one has to wonder just how this happened?

swastika gift wrap

As billed, this is an ′Open Thread′ article, meaning you may comment on any subject you wish. I chose to write about this topic since there has been much in the news of late about racial profiling and insensitivity. True, while the swastika was ′THE′ symbol of Nazi Germany, it is also a religious symbol for Hindus. But how it wound up on Hanukkah gift wrapping paper, considering the history of Jews and Nazi Germany, is quite beyond me!

The whole world these days does seem to have turned upside-down and inside-out. Long gone is any sense of tradition and moral value. Take for example a recent headline about how professors at UC-Berkley and at the Columbia Law School in NY are giving special considerations to students who are participating in the street protests over the Michael Brown and Eric Garner grand jury decisions. If the students say they have suffered ′emotional distress′ or can prove they were injured by a rubber bullet or breathing tear gas, they′ll get a bonus on their grades.

What makes this laughable is that the Liberal college professors are encouraging students to accept lies as truth. Falsehoods as facts. And people wonder why I have such a low regard for the state of higher education in our country these days? Bad enough that schools are promoting the lies about how humans are causing global warming or global climate change.

We see the impact of this acceptance of lies as truth in the alleged independence of the profession of journalism. Take for example the recent revelations about college campus rape made by Rolling Stone Magazine, as well as in the memoirs of Lena Dunham. True, Lena is not a ′journalist′, but her word was taken as gospel by all of the Liberal Media. But after Breitbart News challenged her story, her publisher is now conceding that they will have to edit those chapters of her book about the rape incident. Rolling Stone has also apologized to the University of Virginia and is probably in some negotiations with the fraternities they smeared.

I won′t smear Walgreen. Now that the story about the swastika gift wrap paper for Hanukkah has been made public, Walgreen is doing the responsible thing in recalling the wrapping paper. I can give them the benefit of the doubt that this was just some strange accident. But what our college professors and the Liberal Media are doing is no accident. They will push their lies until the truth overwhelms them. Even then, they are hard to give in, and will squirm about, such as changing global warming to global climate change. Semantics aside, Liberals are still wrong!