Seems shocking that just days before the tragic death of American hostage Luke Somers, murdered by Al Qaeda during a rescue raid in Yemen, that Hillary Clinton gave a speech calling on us to have empathy with our enemies. Is this the sort of mentality we want for a president? Hillary says that it is ″smart power″ to understand and sympathize with those who hate and wish to kill us. Is she just stupid? Is this a sign that Hillary buys into the Liberal mindset of moral weakness? Or could it be related to Hillary suffering from an off-shoot of the ′battered-wife-syndrome′. She had been publicly humiliated by her husband, Bill Clinton, philandering. Does Hillary deliberately walk about with blinders on hiding the truth from her?

hillary clinton empathy

Hillary Clinton certainly has issues. As Secretary of State, she traveled over a million miles, visiting many, many countries, yet achieved not one single treaty during her tenure. News reports this weekend, on the heels of more documents being released, show that Hillary had much trouble working with not only Republicans on Capitol Hill, but also with her own party, too. She got very little cooperation from the Barack Obama administration and White House staffers in general. They pretty much treated her as inconvenience. Yet, she still carried their water, especially during the fiasco at Benghazi.

Her political ambitions have never been fully realized. Hillary carpet-begged a seat in the US Senate following her years at the White House, hoping to use the position as a springboard for her own presidential bid. She was the front-runner in late 2007 and most believed that she would be the Democrat nominee in 2008. But she was upstaged by a new comer, Barack Obama, who stole her glory. Hillary had already dug herself into a hole as being unfriendly with The Press. Obama, on the other hand, had been charming the national media since his DNC speech in 2004. The Democrat primary got ugly indeed, as Hillary and Obama nearly split the party in two.

Obama awarded Hillary with the job of Secretary of State, but, if news reports are correct, she really had little power. Obama and his team were running everything and Hillary was essentially just window dressing. There was much bad blood between the Clinton and the Obama families. But, for public consumption, the uneasy alliance was displayed.

Now, Hillary Clinton is on her own, considering another run for the White House in 2016. But she is 67 and has had some recent history of health issues. This, along with her involvement in Benghazi and other failures, may put her at a disadvantage with voters. Especially should a new, fresher face emerge as a candidate. After 8 years of Obama, will America even consider electing another Democrat so soon? Some believe that this and other gaffes, such as her claim about being poor, maybe a subconscious effort to avoid running. Why bother when she could relax and earn big bucks making speeches?

The bottom line is that Hillary Clinton is just simply dead wrong about her ′smart power′ of having empathy for our enemies. For her to utter such nonsense is a clear sign that she has no business being president. It is one thing to understand your enemy so you may fight them better. But to do so for the purposes of having empathy with them is a whole other kettle of rotting fish.