After three nights of violence, the Ferguson protests of the grand jury decision on the Michael Brown case are quieting down. There are still plenty of agitators ginning up anarchy, such as in Los Angeles, St, Louis and New York City. But in Ferguson, Missouri, Thursday night was peaceful with no arrests made by police. Unlike the horror of Monday night, when some 60 businesses burned, looted or vandalized by angry mobs. Dozens of cars were also set on fire, including some 11 police cars, following those immortal words by Michael Brown′s stepfather, ″Burn this b*tch down!″. I have to wonder if some law enforcement agency will have the guts to arrest him for inciting a riot? But then again, his whole family was in on the act, not to mention the Obama White House apparently interfering in the deployment of National Guard troops.

ferguson protests

Let′s look at that one, first. The rumor mill is saying that the mayor of Ferguson was trying to contact Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, a fellow Democrat, to find out when National Guard troops would be deployed. On Monday night, some 700 guard troopers were stationed at nearly 100 sites, presumably to free police to deal with rioters. However, it seems that the mayor was under the impression that the guard troopers were going to assist police in crowd control. So the police were held back for some time while the mayor tried to reach Gov. Nixon, whom, according to the rumor mill, was on the phone most of the night with Obama′s top adviser, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Again, according to the rumor mill in Washington, the White House was insisting that the National Guard should not be deployed against protesters, allowing the rioters to burn, loot and vandalize.

While the Liberal Media is busy blaming the Grand Jury of St. Louis County for the rioting, as well as the Ferguson Police Department and Officer Darren Wilson, the real folks to blame are Michael Brown and his family, along with the Obama administration, the Liberal Media and those of the professional agitator industry, like Al Sharpton. Make no mistake, Michael Brown is responsible for his own death. Perhaps his parents share in the blame, too, but Michael Brown started the chain of events when he decided to rob some cigarillos from a convenience store.

Toxicology reports from the autopsy show that Brown had been smoking marijuana prior to his death and he did have a baggie of weed on his person when he was killed. It is a common practice among certain youth to use cheap cigars like Swisher Sweets for smoking drugs in public by coring out some of the tobacco and replacing it with marijuana or crack or meth. Surveillance video from the store′s security camera showed Brown taking the cigarillos and ruffing up the store′s owner as he exited.

But, if you sympathize with Brown′s mother, then you are expected to ignore these facts. According to her, Brown was an angel, who never used his 6-foot-4, 285 pounds to ever bully anyone. Forget about the video evidence. Yeah, right! Then we have Brown′s stepdaddy inciting the rioters with his ″Burn this bitch down!″ chant. An emotional response perhaps but permissible free speech, no way! Then, of course, we have the incident of October 18 when Brown′s mother, stepfather and about 20 others allegedly assaulted a woman who was selling Michael Brown related merchandise. I guess they weren′t getting a cut from the sales. Ah, nobility!

So is the Ferguson protests over the grand jury decision on Michael Brown a particle or a wave? Is it a trend or just a passing moment of idiocy? There is no doubt that many, including Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton, hope that it becomes a trend. They have all practically condoned to the protests and seem to want them to continue. This could explain why the White House may have brow-beat Jay Nixon into delaying the deployment of National Guard troops into Ferguson, which resulted in so much damage on Monday night. But, I suspect that this, too, shall fizzle out, much like the Trayvon Martin protests did. Whether due to the reality of the facts changing people′s opinions or just our natural lack of attention span, the streets of Ferguson will eventually settle down and hopefully, the community will rebuild.