Late last night, after 9pm EST, St. Louis County District Attorney Robert McCulloch announced the Grand Jury decision which absolved any criminal wrong-doing by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Weighing the physical evidence and testimony of some 60 witnesses, the Grand Jury declined to indict Wilson and all possible five counts, ranging from 1st Degree Murder to Involuntary Manslaughter over the shooting death of Michael Brown. In Ferguson, the decision sparked protests and riots, resulting in about two dozen buildings being set on fire and many stores and businesses being looted. Many cars were over-turned and some, including police cars, were put to the torch. In a number of cities across America, organized protests also took place. Barack Obama addressed the need for calm while still playing up to the protesters. Henchman Eric Holder assured all that a federal investigation into the shooting was still ongoing.

ferguson riots

So looting a liquor store and setting a nail salon on fire is an accepted solution? Apparently so by the standards of those like Al Sharpton and like minded Liberals whom profit from plantation politics. I do not known the gentleman′s name as I was channel-surfing, but the best quote of the day was from a conservative African-American appearing on the Fox News Channel. He was either a lawyer or a former police officer. In essence he said that we do not have a problem in America of policemen shooting black men, the problem in America is Liberal Democrats. Amen to that, Brother!

Speaking of Fox News, their reporters on the streets of Ferguson came under fire at times from the angry mobs. One Fox cameraman was assaulted, his camera damaged, while recording the cache of stolen New Amsterdam vodka that had been looted from a store. No accounting for taste. But I was happy to see that even some CNN news gatherers were likewise hassled. But then, how is that different than those locals in Ferguson burning down stores in their own neighborhoods, many of them owned by their neighbors, also minorities themselves. Oh, the wonders of mob logic.

But our conservative friend on Fox News is correct. While African-American men are more likely to have run-ins with police, the real problem is that those who are shot and often killed are harmed not by police officers, nor even by white folk in general. Most black men who are murdered are done so by other black men. So while thousands of organized, professional protesters took to the streets in cities across America, waving their nicely printed placards about the Michael Brown shooting, we rarely see such reactions to the 90+% of victims of black-on-black crime. Why is it that Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton fail to address this issue, by far a greater problem in our nation?

The answer is simple, most major cities are run by Democrats. Even when the odd Republican manages to get elected, he or she must still contend with a city bureaucracy that is largely Democrat. In cities like Chicago, black-on-black crime is raging out of control. City politicians do little to quell the violence as they often depend on street agitators and ′community organizers′ to ′get-out-the-vote′ for Democrat candidates during elections. The same agitators and organizers who now are currently involved in the protests over the Michael Brown shooting.

In an unusual move, D.A. McCulloch presented the Grand Jury decision in a televised event, giving a long and detailed account of the sort of evidence and testimonies which the Grand Jury was given. A number of witnesses, at least six of whom were also African-American, supported the story given by Officer Darren Wilson. That Michael Brown first assaulted Wilson and attempted to take his service pistol, then fled, then turned around and charged Wilson head-long like a defensive tackle. The physical evidence, including the results of all three scientific autopsies, all contradicted stories by other witnesses whom claimed that Wilson shot Brown in an almost execution fashion. Investigators learned during interviews that some of those who had claimed to be eyewitnesses to the event were lying, just repeating what they had heard from some dubious sources.

The official response last night was discouraging, as a lack of police allowed for so much property damage. Firemen often had to retreat when they came under gunfire from rioters. Despite the alleged planning and activation of the state′s National Guard units by Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon, few troops were deployed until well after the rioting began. It was as if state and city officials permitted the arson and looting, allowing protesters to vent their anger. Can they explain their lack of response to the victims of the protesters, including one elderly man who was first car-jacked, then run over by his attackers? Hardly!

So the city of Ferguson, Missouri can brace itself for probably another night of protests and even riots following the Grand Jury decision on the Michael Brown shooting. Under the watchful eye of Barack Obama, Eric Holder will continue to investigate police officer Darren Wilson, as well as the whole Ferguson police department, to see if the federal government can levy any criminal charges against them. Al Sharpton, the White House ′point-man′ for ′civil rights′ will be stirring up more trouble in Ferguson today. Will this all blow over by Thanksgiving Thursday? Or will we have to wait for a nice blizzard to quell the unrest? Was justice served last night or will some never be satisfied until they stolen the last bottle of New Amsterdam vodka? Your thoughts are welcome.