The BIG news of the day will be tonight′s address to the nation by Barack Obama on his immigration plan. Some details have been leaked, but who can say what we′ll hear this evening? Keep in mind that just about everything Obama says is a lie. His latest fibs on ′Gruber-Gate′ are just as dishonest as Obama′s remarks on ′Fast & Furious′, Benghazi, the IRS and NSA scandals, the Justice Department spying on journalists and Ebola. So why will this be any different? Texas Senator Ted Cruz and others claim that Obama′s immigration plan involving the use of executive orders to essentially spare some 4 to 5 million illegal immigrants from facing deportation is unconstitutional. The White House asserts that this is no different than when Reagan and Bush-41 granted amnesty. But, of course, that is a lie, too, for several reasons, not the least of which is that in both of those cases, the executive orders did not create nor ignore ′The Law′, just tweaked existing law a bit. Nor did they come after the White House was given a political spanking by voters. A new NBC-WSJ poll shows a majority in opposition to Obama using executive action for immigration reform.

obama immigration plan
Translation: ″Good evening. If you like our borders, you may cross our borders.″

Some may say that Obama using an executive order in this fashion at this time may be unconstitutional on an esoteric level, but it is certainly very arrogant if nothing else. This is the political equivalent of flipping ′The Bird′ to Congress and the American people. A more rational and respectful leader would wait a few months for the newly elected House and Senate to review the current laws and offer any reforms. Once again we have another example of Obama placing his own agenda above genuine national priorities.

Growing the economy should always be a top priority, yet Obama has done very little on that score. Incomes are still declining and the job market still stinks. The percentage of work-aged Americans not employed today is as low as that during the darkest days of ′Stagflation′ in 1978. GDP growth rates have been anemic for the past 5 years and 2014 started off pretty bad. Unemployment may appear to be better but when you dig into the dirty details, the numbers are worse for many groups, such as minorities and the poor.

National security should also be a top priority, and, once again, Obama has made a mess of that, too! Russia and China are ready to eat our lunch. Iran and North Korea behave like we do not exist. The Islamic State, a.k.a. ISIS or ISIL, still holds plenty of ground and is now minting their own coinage. Obama has practically insulted two of our best allies, England and Israel, on more than one occasion. Just as Obama has lost all credibility with the American voter, so too has he lost all respect from other world leaders.

The Barack Obama immigration plan which he will announce tonight has nothing to do with actually reforming immigration. This is just a exercise in blind arrogance by someone with the mindset of a 5-year old who is not allowed to have an ice cream cone, candy, or a new toy. Ted Cruz and the White House may argue about whether Obama′s use of an executive order in this case is unconstitutional or not, but what this action is really all about is the White House playing political games. He wants to be relevant for his last two years, but instead of working on something that might actually benefit the whole nation, Obama is just trying to annoy Republicans. There is no urgency in the immigration issue, other than securing our borders. As we saw this summer, the borders are less secure now than under any other administration. Tonight will be one more action further cementing Obama as a failure.