″When you play with matches, then you take the risk of burning yourself, and he′s going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path.″ So warns Speaker of the House John Boehner to Barack Obama should Obama draft an executive order giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Boehner, along with leaders of both parties from the House of Representatives and the Senate, will meet for lunch at the White House today. Obama threw down the gauntlet on Wednesday of signing an executive order on immigration after the American people rejected his policies in a wholesale fashion on Tuesday′s midterm elections. The resounding defeat of Obama and Democrats may have fallen on deaf ears in the White House, but Harry Reid is already blaming Obama for the massive losses at the ballot box. Reid and his staffers have begun pointing to the White House for the failures in dealing with Ebola and ISIS.

John Boehner Obama play with matches

In both cases, they may be correct. Obama and his minions at the White House are always slow to react in the face of crisis. Last week, the PBS documentary series, ′Frontline′, aired ′The Rise of ISIS′ and placed a considerable amount of blame on Obama and his administration. As American combat troops were withdrawn from Iraq, Prime Minister al Maliki visited Obama at the White House for a photo-op. During which, al Maliki learned of an alleged plot against him by guards of his Sunni vice president. Discussing the matter with Obama, the Frontline reporters claim that Obama washed his hands of the whole internal politics of Iraq, giving al Maliki a free hand to wage a war against Sunni opposition.

Meanwhile, the actual Sunni rebels and the remnants of Al Qaeda in Iraq sent fighters into Syria where they function openly and recruit new members. Within one year, they grew into the most powerful and violent group operating in Syria. By the winter of 2012, the discord amongst Sunnis in Iraq had reached a point where thousands established a protest camp outside of Baghdad in the town of Ramadi. As al Maliki continued his Sunni purge, he eventually sent tanks and troops in to crush the protestors in 2013. After which, the Islamic State was born and began its war of terror in Iraq. By late 2013, ISIS, or ISIL, became a genuine threat and the Iraqi government, as well as other nations, along with analysts within the US defense and intelligence departments warned the White House. But Obama did nothing until Irbil was threatened, as it is the center of Big Oil and Big Banking.

I feel sorry for the Democrats whom have had to pay the price of protecting and defending Barack Obama and his agenda of failure. If Harry Reid were smart, and not suffering from brain damage of his boxing days, he would have allowed for votes on the floor of the Senate of those 370-plus bills passed by the House. Who knows? Maybe a few bills, such as a jobs bill or fixes to Obamacare or even immigration reform, might have passed after bipartisan negotiating? But now it is too late for many Democrats. Obama has destroyed their party as he moves to damage America further. The whole things reminds me of that Frank Zappa song, ″Maybe You Should Stay With Your Mama′. John Boehner sings to Barack Obama, ′You should never smoke in pajamas. You may start a fire and burn your face.′ Too funny!