Wednesday afternoon, following the massive defeat of Democrats by voters, Barack Obama appeared for a one-hour press conference to talk about the next two years of his presidency. In a display of absolute arrogance, bordering, if not surpassing megalomania, Obama said: ′I hear you′. He first acknowledged that he heard from the one-third of eligible voters who took the time to do their civic duty. But then he focused more on the two-thirds who didn′t bother to vote. Apparently, Obama is a psychic, since he knows what they are thinking as well. Perhaps he believes that two-thirds of the country support his policies and agenda because the NSA is tapping their phones and computers? But I suspect that it is just the sheer narcissism that Obama embodies, causing him to think that he is still relevant. Worse yet, due to this arrogance, Obama is now threatening to use the veto and executive orders to usurp the Congress and the Constitution.

Obama I Hear You

Obama learned absolutely nothing on Tuesday during the 2014 midterm elections, the results of which was the biggest political swing since 1946. The gains the Republicans made even surpassed those of the Tea Party revolt in 2010, which was nearly as bad for Obama and the Democrats. Obama is not alone in refusing to acknowledge his failures as a leader. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid also intend to continue on leading the House of Representatives and Senate as Minority Leaders, despite the humiliating losses.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner will meet with Obama, Reid and Pelosi at the White House on Friday to discuss the next course of action for the Federal government. McConnell held his own press conference on Wednesday and committed himself as the new Majority Leader of the Senate to restore that legislative body to one of debate and action. Over the past four years, Harry Reid had shelved over 370 bills passed by the House, forbidding them to be debated and voted on. Reid also stymied the authority of committee chairmen, ruling the Senate like a petty dictator. McConnell vowed to reverse this and restore the Senate to its proper purpose.

Back at the White House, Obama vowed to keep pushing his agenda of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants and for continuing the strangle the economy in the name of the lie that is climate change. This, despite a new study by researchers whom have determined that local changes in weather are just that, local, caused not by carbon emissions nor CO2, but instead by the wind. There is no dynamic mechanism for global warming nor for any global climate change. But still, Obama insists on spending hundreds of billions of dollars and levying countless regulations upon American citizens based upon the myth.

House and Senate Republicans will try to work with Obama and seek common ground on several issues, such as tax reform, repatriation of American corporations now overseas, repairing parts of Obamacare and approving the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. They will also put together their own plan for immigration reform and the securing of our borders. But Obama made it clear yesterday that he will act alone if not satisfied, setting the stage for a potential Constitutional fight.

Barack Obama may say ′I hear you′ to the voters of this past Tuesday, but given his statements from the White House yesterday, he doesn′t care for the message of disapproval they sent him. Obama even appeared to be incensed and irritated by the voters, showing his arrogance and contempt of the voters. The next two years will prove to be difficult ones for the nation as Obama becomes more irrelevant. Towards the end of the 2014 midterm election campaigns, Democrats who had once supported Obama were walking out on him during his boring speeches. Long gone are the days of Grecian temples and Roman columns. Obama must now face not only Republicans controlling both the House and Senate, but soon will face the obscurity of The Media as they shift their attention towards the 2016 presidential candidates. For a mega-narcissist like Barack Obama, that last item will be the hardest to swallow.