America spoke and voted yesterday, sending a strong message of disapproval towards the Barack Obama White House. The election results for the 2014 midterms gave the GOP control of the US Senate, as well as adding a dozen more seats to the House of Representatives. As of this morning, Republicans flipped 7 senate seats in their favor, which will make Mitch McConnell the new Senate Majority Leader next year. Several states are still counting votes, with Alaska most likely going Republican, bringing the total to 8. In December, the run-off election in Louisiana may make the total 9. There were many shocking results in yesterday′s elections, particularly in campaigns where Barack and Michelle Obama, as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton, were engaged in. The governor races in Illinois and Maryland both went to the GOP despite the efforts of the Obamas and Clintons. Democrats failed to unseat Roberts for the senate seat in Kansas and also failed to defeat Scott Walker as governor of Wisconsin.

election results 2014

The first triumph of the night was Mitch McConnell beating Alison Grimes by a wide margin in her attempt to win the senate seat for Kentucky. All of the polling data went right out the window as McConnell strolled past her after a bitter campaign where she led through much of the year. Democrat pundits are trying to spin last night′s losses as a sign of anti-incumbency, but, for the most part, Democrat incumbents were the ones in peril.

The Democrat ′War on Women′ also failed yesterday. In Colorado, sitting senator Mark ′Uterus′ Udall, or as I like to call him, Mr. One-Book, was beaten after campaigning mostly on the subject of government provided birth control. In Texas, Wendy Davis lost as well. Perhaps the biggest upset was in North Carolina where Kay Hagan , the incumbent senator, lost to Thom Tillis, who actually out-performed Hagan amongst white women voters by a margin of 56% to 39%. Hagan also outspent Tillis by about 50% thanks to George Soros and the Hollywood elite. The only Democrat who succeeded in the ′War on Women′ was Gary ′The Giant Nipple′ Peters, who defeated a woman, Terry Lynn Land for the senate seat in Michigan being vacated by Carl Levin.

Democrats also attempted to play the old race card and that failed as well. In several states, such as Kentucky and Georgia, Democrats sent out mailers basically asserting that if you vote for a Republican, riots and unrest like that which was seen in Ferguson, Missouri this summer, would happen. During the Rolnad Martin radio show, News One for Black America, carried by TV One, First Lady Michelle Obama told African-Americans that they should vote for Democrats and then celebrate on Tuesday by eating some fried chicken. Talk about stereotypes! How come she did not also give them permission to eat some chitlins, collard greens and have a big slice of watermelon, too? The African-American community must really reevaluate their role in playing into the plantation politics of the Democrats, who largely take their votes for granted. Yesterday, South Carolina, birth place of the Confederacy, elected a black man to the US Senate! In Utah, Mia Love won her campaign for Congress. Times be a changin′, folks!

Barack Obama will give a press conference later today after his policies and agenda were soundly rejected by America. He will also host a meeting at the White House on Friday for leaders of both parties and wings of Congress. Some pundits are already trying to spin that Hillary Clinton was the big winner last night, but given that her involvement in campaigns failed, this could be a sign that her ambitions are a pipe dream. The Democrats really need to think twice before just handing her the nomination for 2016. Exit polls showed that most voters think the economy stinks, that America is headed in the wrong direction and that we will suffer another major terrorist attack soon. They also simply do not trust government. So there it is! A victory for rational, common sense and values. That was the message from last night. This is why Liberals at MSNBC were crying like the children who were pranked by their parents eating all their candy on Halloween 2014, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. Watch the video for a good laugh!