Forget about dressing up like a zombie! That′s old hat! If you want to make a splash this Halloween 2014, then dress up as a sexy Ebola nurse. Yes! The hot new costume for Halloween 2014 is to go as a sexy Ebola nurse. You can either purchase a fake Hazmat suit and cut some openings to reveal certain areas of your body. Or go with a more traditional short nurse uniform and accessorize with stockings, high heels and a syringe filled with green goo. Many in the world of CosPlay are even dressing up like Ebola-Chan, Goddess of Pestilence and Death. Halloween has become one of the biggest holidays in America. Everyone is getting in on the fun. Even Hillary Clinton, who is going trick-or-treating wearing a pantsuit and playing the role as a Big Government bureaucrat who creates all of the new jobs.

sexy ebola nurse

Now some people would say that dressing up as a sexy Ebola nurse is in poor taste. Thousands of people dying and suffering from Ebola while millions live in fear of it. The matter is compounded when people who have had direct contact with Ebola patients go wandering around in search of soup, or go bowling and ride subways, or refuse to quarantine themselves and go bike riding in Maine. Flying on jets or taking cruises with 5,000 passengers doesn′t phase such health care workers at all. And folks wonder why I am treating this whole thing as a joke?

So I say that if ladies want to dress as a sexy Ebola nurse for Halloween 2014, they have my blessing! I hope they do so by the score! I am also hoping that Kimberly Guilfolye wears a sexy Ebola nurse costume on ″The Five″ tomorrow. I doubt if she would dress as Ebola-Chan, she probably has not even heard of the Goddess of Pestilence and Death. All I can say is…, HELLOOOO NURSE!