Today is the 50th anniversary of the ′A Time for Choosing′ speech that Ronald Reagan made on television for the Barry Goldwater campaign. The speech launched the political career for Reagan and set the foundation for the Conservative Movement. Reagan sums up the whole fallacy of Modern Liberalism in just under 30 minutes. In clear, simple language, Ronald Reagan exposed the entire failure and boat-load of lies concerning Big Government and the alleged altruism it claims it provides. He showed by numerous examples how government programs actually harm citizens, misleads them, abuses them and over-taxes them. How government programs are convoluted and completely illogical. Big Government, to Ronald Reagan, defies common sense and rational thinking.

a time for choosing speech

Naturally, Reagan also talked up Barry Goldwater, mainly in the last 9 minutes of his speech. Liberal Democrats tried to paint Goldwater as a nut, and a dangerous one at that! But Reagan gave examples showing that Barry Goldwater is a generous, thoughtful man. While Reagan did not name Lyndon Johnson, he did criticize LBJ′s policies and philosophy. In particular, his economic and foreign policies. Ronald Reagan had no use for ′The Great Society′, nor for the appeasement of ′Accommodation′ towards Communism.

On this, the 50th anniversary of the ′A Time for Choosing′ speech by Ronald Reagan, I highly recommend that you watch the video below and judge for yourself if he was right or wrong. You will find that not only are we still facing all of the issues that Reagan listed concerning Big Government, but, that over the past 50 years, it has only gotten worse! With the 2014 midterm elections just 8 days away, the GOP really ought to buy some TV air time and replay this important speech. For those of the younger generations who know little or nothing about Ronald Reagan, nor of his politics, they may find themselves in total agreement with ′The Gipper′. How wonderful would that be?