On Friday, Barack Obama, in his usual infinite stupidity, appointed Ron Klain as his ′Ebola Czar′. Klain is a former Chief of Staff to both Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden. He is also a lobbyist, including one client – Solyndra, Democrat fund raiser, and over saw Al Gore′s attempt to steal the 2000 election. Kevin Spacey even played Klain as Mr. Hanging Chad on film. So what does Ron Klain know about Ebola, or any infectious disease? Absolutely ZERO! He is such a party hack that Klain cannot see Obama directly, but must go through two White House hench-women, Susan ′The Liar′ Rice and Lisa ′Enron′ Monaco. Perhaps they will blame a You-Tube video for the Ebola outbreak? The only one happy about this choice of Klain by Obama is the Goddess of Pestilence and Death herself, Ebola-Chan!

ebola czar ron klain

All kidding aside, the Obama White House was rocked again this past week when two nurses in Dallas were confirmed to having been infected with Ebola while treating Liberian Thomas Duncan. Things really went south for the Obama administration when it was learned that the second nurse, Amber Vinson, traveled on board a commercial aircraft after she got an ′OK′ from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. Frontier Airlines scrambled to notify over 700 passengers that they need to monitor their health for the next 21 days, if not longer. Public confidence in the White House and CDC dropped like a 16-tom weight!

So does appointing a party hack as Obama′s Ebola Czar make you feel any safer? Has it restored your confidence that our federal government has a firm grip with Ron Klain in charge? Apparently, even Barack Obama has little use for Klain as he was not invited to a special meeting with Obama at the White House on Saturday to discuss the situation. Obama doubled down on not instituting a travel ban on Ebola-stricken countries before he went off to play a round of golf. So Ebola is not serious enough to warrant a travel ban while one was put in place against Israel during the recent fighting in Gaza. I guess Obama fears Israel more than Ebola! Or does he just hate Jews in general? Who can say? What I can tell you is that I am being censored on Facebook after my last article on Ebola hysteria. Looks like Schmuckerberg is okay with Muslim extremists posting jihad before they commit some ′workplace violence′ and behead women in Oklahoma, but doesn′t like me poking fun at Obama for his lies and stupidity. Oh well, what else can we expect from Liberals?