The United Nations has announced that the number of Ebola deaths will rise to 4.500 this week as the World Health Organization warns the death toll may top 10,000 per week in the next 60 days. Just last week, the death toll since the Ebola outbreak of 2014 began reached about 3,500 known deaths. Sierra Leone had 121 deaths in a single day as that nation has given up trying to fight Ebola. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones plunged on Wall Street Wednesday as news of a second nurse in Dallas has been diagnosed with Ebola. Airline stocks were hit hard as we learned that 29-year old Amber Vinson flew on a Frontier passenger jet from Cleveland to Dallas while sporting a fever. Several schools were closed in Ohio and even some at Kent State are being quarantined due to Ebola. This morning, we learn that Ebola Amber flew to Ohio when she was sick. The bridal shop in Akron she went to with her bridesmaids closed. One jet involved flew between 7 to 26 additional flights before being taken out of service for sterilizing.

ebola hysteria

Ebola hysteria even caused Barack Obama to cancel two fund raisers as he met with his cabinet. Obama and the White House are trying to assure Americans that there will be no ′major′ or ′large′ Ebola outbreak in the US. While the Obama administration still refuses to temporarily ban commercial flights to and from West Africa, they are imposing new restrictions on domestic travel of potential Ebola contacts. Nearly 1,000 people who flew on the plane which ′Ebola′ Amber Vinson flew home to Dallas on are being tracked down and warned to monitor themselves. Another health worker from the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who handled the blood samples of now dead Liberian patient, Thomas Duncan, is stuck on a Carnival cruise ship off the coast of Belize with some 5,000 passengers. We also learned this morning that the hospital did have a special device developed by the military which can test for Ebola in just one hour, but they were not allowed to use it due to FDA regulations! Big Government equals Big Mistakes!

Want more bad news? Yesterday′s Congressional hearings on Ebola had plenty. Dr. Thomas Freiden, head of the Center of Disease Control, confused us all with his latest proclamation that while you cannot catch Ebola while riding on a bus, if you are sick, you can spread it on a bus. Huh??? Maybe he should stick to trying to ban soda pop? This guy is a total idiot! Speaking of transmission, the Pentagon seems concerned that one can catch Ebola from a sneeze, perhaps even just water vapor exhaled from a normal breath. Less than 24 hours after CNN stooge Jake Tapper chided Dr. Michael Savage, host of ′The Savage Nation′, for telling his 20 million or so listeners that at least one of the 4,000 US troops Obama has sent to West Africa will become infected, the Pentagon announced that all troops will undergo a minimum 21-day quarantine when they return.

If you thought that infected hospital employees flying on passenger jets or taking cruises was bad, we also have the strange case of Dr. Nancy Snyderman, the NBC health reporter, who returned from West Africa after one of her cameramen became infected. Dr. Snyderman had agreed to a voluntary quarantine but decided that getting a nice bowl of soup was more important than protecting the lives of her community. As to transmission, again, this case is also puzzling as the cameraman infected with Ebola, Ashoka Mukpo, claims he must have gotten it when he went to a car wash in Liberia. Really? Is that what they call a bordello or a heroin shooting gallery in Liberia? A car wash?

Then, of course, we have fools like Jake Tapper and Sheppard Smith obeying the Obama White House and trying to tamp down any Ebola fears. They are blaming talk radio for the rapid spread of Ebola hysteria. Not the WHO which declared this week that the current strain of Ebola in this outbreak is far more deadly and spreading much faster than previous outbreaks of the past 40 years. The death rate is closer to 70% than the usual 50% and they are estimating that they may only knowledgeable of about 20% of the actual number of cases and deaths so far in West Africa. Can you say ′Airborne Transmission′? Can you say ′Mutation′? Spain now reports four new cases there and despite travel bans by some 26 African nations, there are now Ebola cases in Nigeria, South Sudan and Senegal. The UN says that if Ebola is not contained in the next 60 days, there will be a disaster of such extraordinary magnitude that they have no plans in place to deal with.

So do you have Ebola hysteria? Are you scared of Ebola? Has Ebola fear gripped you yet? If you have, then I′m sorry to say you are too late! Just try buying a Haz-Mat suit! You might be able to get a cheap knock off as a Halloween costume, but the real McCoys are in short supply, if available at all these days. You should have bought some a couple weeks ago before ′Ebola Amber′, the 21st Century answer to ′Typhoid Mary′, started flying around the country spreading Ebola to possibly 1,000 or more people. If we′re lucky, but rest assured it will only be by pure luck, not any actions by our government, the Ebola crisis in America will pass. Hopefully, we might learn a thing or two from all of the foul-ups before the Zombie virus or some other deadly contagion rears its head. On the other hand, if our fears play out in real life, then it is already too late to prevent a major pandemic. So breakout the duct tape and quarantine yourself for the next few weeks till we learn who was right or wrong in the Ebola outbreak 2014 Fear-Fest.