Today, the new book by Dr. Michael Savage, ′Stop The Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth′, published by the Hatchet Books Group division, Center Street, was officially placed on the New York Times bestsellers list. No kidding! The book is selling so briskly that you would have more luck finding Bigfoot in the Cascades than a copy at a book store! Despite a media blackout, including Fox News, book sales are red hot. As host of the hit radio program, ′The Savage Nation′, Dr. Savage is a media in his own right. Will ′Stop The Coming Civil War′ be the most important book review I ever write? Will it be the last? Read on and consider….

michael savage stop the coming civil war

′Stop The Coming War: My Savage Truth′ by Michael Savage reads like a legal indictment. Our gifted author wastes no time in charging Barack Obama and the Liberal Democrats with treason. Using their own words against them, along with other documentation, Dr. Savage lays out the case for the abuse of power that is running amok throughout the Obama administration and the DNC. As one reads on and digs into the heart of the book, he presents the cold, hard facts on how our ′borders, language and culture′ are being assaulted on nearly every level. From the workplace to the universities. From our churches to the utility poles. America is being attacked from within.

If you are a regular, or even a casual listener to ′The Savage Nation′, then you probably have heard much of what he writes about. Michael Savage wants his listeners to not only buy copies of his new book, but carry it with them to work, to school, to jury duty, etc. Read it on the bus or train. Be seen with it! Make others, those non-listeners, aware! Spread the message before it is too late.

Basically, Michael Savage indicts Barack Obama as being the most divisive president in history, or certainly since the mid-1800s. One would think that a president, a leader, would be all about unifying a nation. Bringing all together for some greater good. But not Obama! No, his actions are those of a divider. Divide and conquer by means of splitting us by race, gender, income level, education level, etc.

So how do we ′Stop The Coming Civil War′? Michael Savage has one simple plan, vote Republican. Only by giving the GOP control of the House and Senate in 2014, and the White House in 2016, can the ship of state be righted. Mind you, Savage has harsh words for Republicans, too! But, we live in a two-party system and the GOP, in the opinion of Michael Savage, is still scared of the voters. When ′We the People′ get angry, Republicans will actually listen and take us seriously. Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, have become so arrogant, so power mad, that they disregard us as a bunch of no-nothing hicks. When they do pretend to listen, Democrats are just liars. Liberalism, as Dr. Savage puts it, is a mental disorder, an illness.

Does Barack Obama and other leaders of the Democrat Party want riots and chaos throughout America? In ′Stop The Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth′, by Michael Savage, the answer is yes. Even if they do not get actual violence in the streets of the United States, Liberals will settle for beating us down with more laws, surveillance, economic control, brainwashing through our schools and other forms of aggression. Liberals are so crazy they are even dividing themselves! Big Labor wants the Keystone XL pipeline built, the Environmentalists do not. Our borders, language and culture are in jeopardy, be it from illegal immigrants, ISIS-ISIL, the Ebola virus, or our own government harassing and spying on us. The grim message that we have a criminal government making us all criminals can only be stopped, peacefully, by voting against the law breakers. America is on the brink and the next two election cycles may prove to be our defining moment as a nation.