WOW! I am still excited after the Sunday night airing on AMC-TV of the Season 5 ′The Walking Dead′ premiere, and what a hit it was! A huge audience tuned in of over 17.5 million viewers to catch the action-packed drama. A new record for the series! Even the ′Talking Dead′ post-show was cool with Conan O′Brien as one of the guests. The first episode of Season 5 was entitled ′No Sanctuary′, a play on the signs the survivors followed to Terminus. Community For All, Sanctuary For All. Hardly, as the place was a processing plant for the resident cannibals there. The opening scene begins with Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob all lined up at the stainless steel blood trough, waiting for their turn to get hit with a baseball bat and have their throats slit. Then suddenly, BOOM!

walking dead preimere a hit

Yep, Carol comes through and rescues the gang from Terminus. Leaving Tyreese and Baby Judith with a
′Termite′, she coats herself in zombie blood and mingles in with a large herd as they attacked Terminus. After shooting a few holes in a large propane tank, Carol fires a rocket and blows it up, blasting a huge hole in the fence about Terminus and igniting a few Walkers, too boot! After that, all heck breaks loose as the Termites scramble to defend themselves. Rick manages to off the two Termite butchers and free his comrades. They fight their way to Box Car A and free the rest who have been busy making improvised weapons.

Terminus is trashed! Walkers feast on everyone they can, including Terminus Mary, head cook for the group. Carol confronted her and wounded Mary, leaving her to the hungry Walkers. Not until the others exit and locate the big bag of weapons Rick had buried before entering Terminus does Carol rejoin her friends. She leads them to where Tyreese and Judith are. Tyreese is warmly greeted by Sasha and explains to Carol how he dealt with the Termite, who had threatened Baby Judith, along with a bunch of Walkers. Carol even managed to recover Daryl′s crossbow! Too bad she couldn′t find Michone′s sword. Oh, well.

So what happens next? Have we seen the end of the Terminus cannibals? Or will a few survive and hunt Rick and the rest down? We did learn two things in the episode. First, Eugene gave us a thumbnail explanation for how to save the world from the Walkers. He was a germ warfare guy and knows how to throw the Fail Safe switch in Washington and exterminate all life on Earth. Only he knows how to tweak the controls to limit the doomsday weapon to take out the Walkers and save Humanity. Secondly, at the very end, we see Rick′s old buddy, Morgan. He′s looking good and on the road. But will he be a friend or another foe? One thing we don′t know yet is what happened to Beth? Stay tuned, folks!