Somebody wake up Ron ′Doom′ Paul! It′s Happening! Health officials in the West African nation of Sierra Leone now admit that the Ebola virus outbreak has defeated them. They are now advising citizens to just stay at home and die. Don′t bother going to a hospital. Give them a call and they might deliver some Tylenol or pick up a corpse. Beyond that, you′re on your own! Add to this cheery item the news earlier this week that the first case of Ebola being contracted outside of West Africa came to light in Spain as a nurse has been confirmed with Ebola. Meanwhile, the first Ebola patient in the USA died and a man was tested in Brazil. Fortunately, the Brazilian did not have Ebola, but it is only a matter of time…

doom paul its happening

So is ′It Happening′? The Apocalypse? The End of the World as we know it? The Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization predict that by the end of this year, some 1.4 million people will die from the Ebola virus outbreak in 2014. This is based on an estimate that Ebola cases will double every 20 days. If one runs the numbers beyond January, 2015, we break the 7 Billion mark by the end of next September! Meanwhile, Barack Obama has his gang of minions still refuse to close the borders or put any sort of restrictions on travel to and from West Africa. Some 150 people arrive in the United States each and every day from Ebola stricken countries.

Obama can′t be bother by Ebola. He spent four out of five days this week fund raising. Gwyneth Paltrow may think that Obama is so handsome that he should be a dictator and enact any laws he wants to. But, as Dr. Michael Savage pointed out this week, the only promise of hope and transformation Obama can honestly make now is that, ′…if you want your Ebola, you can keep your Ebola.′ Sadly, we may well all get Ebola whether we want it or not due to the tragic policies of the Obama administration.

We are already getting a taste with the outbreak of the Enterovirus D68 as it spreads throughout the US, and now Canada, too. Is it any coincidence that this disease, which is infecting children across the nation, started about the same time that the Obama administration began dispersing tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children throughout America? No mystery here, in my opinion. Pretty obvious that just when the school season started up that we are seeing this. And some wonder why parents in Dallas are keeping their children out of schools that may have been subject by potential Ebola carriers.

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So the question of the day, perhaps the millennium, is, is Ron ′Doom′ Paul right? Have we crossed the line into the ′It′s Happening′ territory? Is the Ebola virus outbreak of 2014 the ′Black Swan′ event which sparks the Apocalypse? The Great Culling? If so, then we must consider that this may be the excuse that Barack Obama needs to suspend the US Constitution, dissolve Congress, cancel future elections and declare himself dictator for life, at least until Civilization comes to a screeching halt. I know it sounds crazy and is pure speculation. But unlike other potential crisis scenarios, such as Climate Change, which MIGHT effect us 50 or 100 years from now, a global Ebola pandemic could cause mass death by next spring. By the end of next summer, Ebola could potentially wipe out 90+% of the human race. If Sierra Leone has given up, who is next? How long before every government on Earth throws in the towel? Time to repent, my friends, just to play it safe!